19V 1.58A 30W For Acer Aspire One Hp-A0301R3 Pa-1300-04 Laptop Charger With Lead


19V 1.58A 30W For Acer Aspire One Hp-A0301R3 Pa-1300-04 Laptop Charger With Lead

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19V 1.58A 30W Laptop Charger Ac Adapter Power Supply With Lead

A Brand New Replacement Item Manufactured With High Standards Making It A Safe And Reliable Source Of Power For Your Laptop Or Netbook. Our Chargers Are Safety Tested In The Uk. It Can Be Used To Replace Your Old Adaptor Or As A Spare So You Never Have To Worry About Losing Power When You Need It!   Safety Tips : For Indoor Use Only. Switch Off Item From The Plug When Not In Use. Unplug The Item If You Are Away From It For A Long Period Of Time. Do Not Use In The Bathroom. Avoid Plugging/Unplugging With Wet Hands. Do Not Use With Damaged Sockets. Ensure Ac Plug Is Fitted With Correct Amperage Fuse. Item Imported By Adil-Skee Ventures, Coventry. Tested For Uk Safety Standards By Cass Industries, Manchester (Ce Approved Tester).

Technical Details

 Charger Type:
 Uk Mains (3 Pin Clover Type Power Lead Included)

 Power Provided
 30 Watts

 Input Voltage
 100V Р240V

 Output Voltage

 Output Current


 Product Type
 Non-Oem Replacement

 Connector Size
 5.5Mm X 1.7Mm




Compatible Models :
Acer  Aspire One Series
Acer Aspire One 10.1
Acer Aspire One 8.9
Acer Aspire One A0A110-1722 Series
Acer Aspire One A110L Series
Acer Aspire One A150L Series
Acer Aspire One A150X Series
Acer Aspire One Aoa110-1295 Series
Acer Aspire One Aoa110-1626 Series
Acer Aspire One Aoa150-1006 Series
Acer Aspire One Zg5
A110-1295 , A110-1545 , A110-1691 , A110-1698 , A110-1722 , A110-1812 , A110-1831 , A110-1948, A110-1955 , A110-Ab , A110-Ac , A110-Agb , A110-Agc , A110-Aw , A110-Bb , A110-Bc , A110-Bgb, A110-Bgw ,  A110-Bw , A110L Blau , A110L Weiss , A110X Black Edition  , A150-1006 , A150-1049 , A150-1126 , A150-1249 , A150-1382 , A150-1447 , A150-1493 , A150-1532, A150-1570 , A150-1672 , A150-1890 , A150-1983 , A150-Ab , A150-Ac , A150-Aw , A150-Bb , A150-Bb1, A150-Bc , A150-Bgb , A150-Bgc , A150-Bgw , A150-Bk , A150-Bk1 , A150-Bw , D150-1044 , D150-1125, D150-1165 , D150-1197 , D150-1322 , D150-1462 , D150-1577 , D150-1587 , D150-1606 , D150-1647, D150-1860 , D150-1920 , D150-1B , D150-1Bk , D150-1Br , A150-Bw1 , A150L Blau , A150L Weiss , A150X Blau , A150X Weiss, Aod150-1739 , Aod150-1462 , Aod150-1322 , Aod150-1860 , Aod150-1669 , Aod150-1165, Aod150-1577 , Aod150-1920 , Aod150-1186 , Aod150-1125 , Aod150-1647 , Aod150-1606, Aod150-1240 , Aod150-1044 , Aod150-1197 , Aod150-1587, Aoa150-1126 ,  Aoa150-1447 ,  Aoa150-1983 ,  Aoa150-1049 ,  Aoa150-1672 ,  Aoa110-1995, Aoa110-1834 ,  Aoa110-1588 ,  Aoa110-1137 ,  Aoa150-1141 ,  Aoa150-1483 ,  Aoa150-1068, Aoa150-1485 ,  Aoa150-1359 ,  Aoa150-1553 ,  Aoa150-1505 ,  Aoa150-1784 ,  Aoa150-1329, Aoa150-1316 ,  Aoa150-1348 ,  Aoa150-1444 ,  Aoa150-1987 ,  Aoa150-1405 ,  Aoa150-1435, Aoa150-1905 ,  Aoa150-1083 ,  Aoa150-1400 ,  Aoa150-1786 ,  Aoa150-1178 ,  Aoa150-1949, Aoa150-1742 ,  Aoa150-1864 ,  Aoa150-1706 ,  Aoa150-1887 ,  Aoa150-1622 ,  Aoa150-1690, Aoa150-1555 ,  Aoa150-1635 ,  Aoa150-1798 ,  Aoa150-1570 ,  Aoa150-1777 ,  Aoa150-1679, Aoa150-1649 ,  Aoa150-1035 ,  Aoa150-1029 ,  Aoa150-1172 ,  Aoa150-1504 ,  Aoa110-1662, Aoa150-1382 ,  Aoa110-1831 ,  Aoa110-1295 ,  Aoa110-1041
Hp Mini Series
Hp Mini 1000 Series
1017Tu, 1099Et, 1000, 1000, 1011Tu, 1099El, 1099Ed, 1007Tu, 1020La, 1099Ew, 1018Tu, 1001Tu, 1012Tu, 1099Em, 1008Tu, 1099Ee, 1030Nr, 1019Tu, 1002Tu, 1013Tu, 1099En, 1009Tu, 1099Ef, 1033Cl, 1020Tu, 1003Tu, 1014Tu, 1099Ep, 1010La, 1099Eg, 1035Nr, 1097Ei, 1004Tu, 1015Tu, 1099Er, 1050La, 1010Nr, 1099Ei, 1098Ei, 1005Tu, 1016Tu, 1099Es, 1090La, 1
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1180Cm, 1126Tu, 1198Eo, 1110Tu, 1150La, 1122Tu, 1105Tu, 1141Nr, 1116Tu, 1190Br, 1127Tu, 1199Eb, 1112Tu, 1150Nr, 1123Tu, 1106Tu, 1100, 1118Tu, 1100, 1128Tu, 1199Ec, 1113Tu, 1151Nr, 1124Tu, 1107Tu, 1111Tu, 1119Tu, 1101Tu, 1133Ca, 1199Ee, 1114Tu, 1152Nr, 1125Nr, 1108Tu, 1117Tu, 1120Br, 1102Tu, 1135Ca, 1199Eh, 1115Nr, 1160Cm, 1125Tu, 1109Tu, 1
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Compatible Part Numbers :
Compaq Mini 700 Pc Series: Ng621Ea, Ng622Ea, Nr090Ua
Hp Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam Edition Pc Series: Ng624Ea, Ng625Ea, Ng626Ea,Ng627Ea, Ng628Ea, Ng630Ea, Ng631Ea, Ng632Ea, Ng633Ea, Ng634Ea, Ng640Ea,Ng641Ea, Ng644Ea, Ng646Ea, Nl037Pa
Hp Mini 1000 Pc Series: 1000, 1010Nr, 1030Nr, 1033Cl, 1035Nr, Fn819Av,Fq729Aar, Fq729Av, Fr832Av, Ft313Uar, Ft313Ua, Ft315Uar, Ft315Ua,Fw376Uar, Fw376Ua, Fy348La, Fz978Uar, Fz978Ua, Nb914Av, Nc953As,Nc954As, Ne570Pa, Ne571Pa, Ne572Pa, Ne573Pa, Ne574Pa, Ne575Pa, Ne576Pa,Ne577Pa, Ne578Pa, Ne579Pa, Ne580Pa, Ne581Pa, Ne582Pa, Ne585Pa, Ne590Pa,Ne594Pa, Ng837La, Nj209La, Nq332La
Hp Mini 1100 Pc Series: 1110Nr, 1111Nr, 1120Nr, 1125Nr, 1130Nr, 1136Nr, 1141Nr, Nb133Uar, Nb133Ua, Nb135Uar, Nb135Ua, Nb137Uar, Nb137Ua, Nb140Ua, Nb141Ua, Nb142Uar, Nb142Ua, Np994Uar, Np994Ua
Hp Mini 1100 Vivienne Tam Edition Pc Series: 1140Nr Vivienne Tam, Nb134Uar, Nb134Ua

Additional information

Compatible Brand

For Acer



Manufacturer warranty



Laptop Power Adapters/Chargers


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