19V 3.16A Ac Adapter Charger Delta Electronics Adp-60Db Includng 3 Pin Uk Ac Plu


19V 3.16A Ac Adapter Charger Delta Electronics Adp-60Db Includng 3 Pin Uk Ac Plu


19.0V 3.16A 60W Laptop Charger Ac Adapter Power Supply

A Brand New Replacement Item Manufactured With High Standards Making It A Safe And Reliable Source Of Power For Your Laptop Or Netbook. Our Chargers Are Safety Tested In The Uk. It Can Be Used To Replace Your Old Adaptor Or As A Spare So You Never Have To Worry About Losing Power When You Need It!   Safety Tips : For Indoor Use Only. Switch Off Item From The Plug When Not In Use. Unplug The Item If You Are Away From It For A Long Period Of Time. Do Not Use In The Bathroom. Avoid Plugging/Unplugging With Wet Hands. Do Not Use With Damaged Sockets. Ensure Ac Plug Is Fitted With Correct Amperage Fuse. Item Imported By Adil-Skee Ventures, Coventry. Tested For Uk Safety Standards By Cass Industries, Manchester (Ce Approved Tester).
Technical Details
Replacement Uk Mains Adapter (3 Pin Clover Type Power Lead Included),
65 Watts Power Supply, 100V – 240V Input,
19V Voltage 3.16A Output
Colour : Black
Type : Non-Oem Replacement
Connector Size: 5.5Mm X 2.5Mm

Compatible Laptop Models:
Compatible Models:
Dell Inspiron: 1000 1200, 1300, 2200, B120, B130, 3000, 3200, 3500
Dell Latitude: 100L 110L  120L
Hp Omnibook 2100, Hp Omnibook 2103, Hp Omnibook 2104, Hp Omnibook 2105, Hp Omnibook 2106, Hp Omnibook 2120, Hp Omnibook 2121, Hp Omnibook 2122, Hp Omnibook 2123, Hp Omnibook 2124, Hp Omnibook 2125, Hp Omnibook 2126, Hp Omnibook 2127, Hp Omnibook 3000, Hp Omnibook 3000Ctx, Hp Omnibook 3101, Hp Omnibook 3102, Hp Omnibook 3250, Hp Omnibook 4100, Hp Omnibook 4101, Hp Omnibook 4102, Hp Omnibook 4103, Hp Omnibook 4104, Hp Omnibook 4105, Hp Omnibook 4106, Hp Omnibook 4107, Hp Omnibook 4108, Hp Omnibook 4110, Hp Omnibook 4111, Hp Omnibook 4150, Hp Omnibook 4150B Hp Omnibook 500, Hp Omnibook 500B Hp Omnibook 6000 Series Hp Omnibook 6000B, Hp Omnibook 6000C,Hp Omnibook 6100,Hp Omnibook 7000 Series,Hp Omnibook 7100,Hp Omnibook 7103T, Hp Omnibook 7150,  Hp Omnibook 900, Hp Omnibook Xe, Hp Omnibook Xe 4100, Hp Omnibook Xe 4500, Hp Omnibook Xe-Da Hp Omnibook Xe2 Hp Omnibook Xe2-Da Hp Omnibook Xe2-Db Hp Omnibook Xe2-Dc, Hp Omnibook Xe2-Dd,Hp Omnibook Xe2-De Hp Omnibook Xe2-Di  Hp Omnibook Xe3 Hp Omnibook Xe3L
Hp Pavilion 6000 Series  
Hp Pavilion N3000 Series
Hp Pavilion N6000 Series
Hp Pavilion Xh Series
Hp Pavilion Xt Series    
Hp Pavilion Xz Series
Hp Pavilion
N3100  N3110  N3410  N3150  N3190  N3210  N3215  N3250  N3270  N3290  N3295  N3310 N3330  N3350  N3370  N3390  N3400  N3402  N3438  N3478  N3490  N5000  N5100  N5125  N5130  N5170  N5190  N5195  N5200  N5210  N5210M  N5240  N5250  N5270  N5290  N5295  N5300  N5310  N5340  N5350  N5390  N5400  N5415  N5420L  N5421L  N5425  N5430  N5435  N5440  N5441  N5445  N5450  N5451  N5455  N5470  N5474  N5475  N5490  N5491  N5495  N5500  N5511L  N5584  N6100  N6195  Xh156  Xh176  Xh226  Xh260  Xh35  Xh365  Xh395  Xh455  Xh485  Xh555  Xh675  Xt118  Xt155  Xt236  Xz185  Xz275  Xz295   Xz355  Ze4210  Ze4240  Zt1114  Zt1121S  Zt1125  Zt1130  Zt1131S  Zt1135  Zt1141  Zt1145  Zt1150 Zt1151  Zt1152  Zt1155  Zt1161  Zt1162  Zt1170  Zt1171  Zt1175  Zt1180  Zt1185  Zt1190  Zt1195  Zt1201  Zt1250  Zt1260  Zt1290
Compaq Armada 2940  Compaq Evo N105  Compaq Evo N115 Compaq Evo N160  Compaq Evo N180
Compaq Presario
1000 Series 1010 1020 1030 1040    1050   1060   1065  1070   1075   1080    1081  1090   1090Es   1200  Series  1200T 1200Us    1200Xl   1200Xl101   1200Xl102   1200Xl103     1200Xl104   1200Xl105 1200Xl106    1200Xl109   1200Xl110  1200Xl111   1200Xl118    1200Xl119 1200Xl125    1200Xl126   1200Xl127  1200Xl3   1200Xl300    1200Xl325 1200Xl401    1200Xl404   1200Xl406  1200Xl408   1200Xl409    1200Xl420 1200Xl423    1200Xl500   1200Xl505 1200Xl510   1200Xl515    1200Xl526 1201Ap    1201Z   1207   1210   1214    1214Sr   1215    1216   1220    1221    1230    1232   1234    1235    1236    1237  1240    1242   1244    1245 1246    1247    1250    1255  1256    1260    1262    1266  1267  1270   1272    1273  1274    1275    1277    1278 1279    1280     12Xl Series   12Xl115 12Xl125   12Xl300      12Xl310    12Xl325      12Xl4   12Xl326      12Xl327     12Xl400      12Xl401      12Xl405      12Xl410     12Xl420      12Xl426  12Xl427      12Xl430     12Xl500      12Xl505      12Xl510     1400 Series   1400T  1456   14Xl Series   14Xl240     14Xl245    14Xl340       14Xl345    1600   1600Xl145    1610      1611   1615      1620  1621   1622      1625    1626 1630      1635    1640   1650  1655    1665   1670  1672  1675   1680      1681    1682   1685      1687    1688   1690     1692    1693       1694      1700    1700T     1700Xl573    1710    (Newversion)    1710La         1710Sb (Newversion)    1714Ea    1720Us   17Xl Series   17Xl265   17Xl275    17Xl360   17Xl362   17Xl365    17Xl375   17Xl460   17Xl465    17Xl475   17Xl570   1800 Series   1800T   1800T-800    1800T-850    1800Xl   1800Xl190   1800Xl280   1800Xl380   1800Xl390   1800Xl481   1805    1810   1825     1827
N1000, N1000C, N1000V, N1005V, N1015, N1015V, N1020, N1020V, N1050, N1050V, N110, N150, N200, N400C, N410C, N600, N600C, N610C, N620C, N800, N800C, N800V, N800W
Nec Ready 440T Nec Versa 2400  Nec Versa 2400Cd  Nec Versa 2405 Nec Versa 2405Cd Nec Versa 2430 Nec Versa 2430Cd Nec Versa 2435Cd Nec Versa 2435Cd Nec Versa 2500 Nec Versa 2500Cd Nec Versa 2505 Nec Versa 2530  Nec Versa 500  Nec Versa 5000  Nec Versa 5060 Nec Versa 5060X Nec Versa 5080 Nec Versa 5080X Nec Versa 550D Nec Versa Sxi  Nec Versa Note
Acer Acernote 367D  Acer Acernote 367T  Acer Acernote 390  Acer Acernote 390A Acer Acernote 391 Acer Acernote 392    Acer Acernote 393   Acer Acernote 394  Acer Acernote 395    Acer Anywhere 1100Lx  Acer Anywhere 1120Lx     Acer Extensa 365     Acer Extensa 366D  Acer Extensa 367D  Acer Extensa 368D  Acer Extensa 390     Acer Extensa 390C      Acer Extensa 390Cx     Acer Extensa 393      Acer Extensa 900   Acer Extensa Ess3-39
Fujitsu Lifebook A4170  Fujitsu Lifebook A4177  Fujitsu Lifebook A4178 Fujitsu Lifebook A4187  Fujitsu Lifebook A4190  
Advent 7081    Advent 7085    Advent 7086    Advent 7094    Advent 7095    Advent 7096    Advent 7101   Advent 7105  
Packard Bell
Packard Bell 7521N   Packard Bell Easy One Silver 2800 Dvd   Packard Bell Easynote C3300 Packard Bell Easynote E2316    Packard Bell Easynote E2532 Packard Bell Easynote E2560 Packard Bell Easynote E4710   Packard Bell Easynote E4715  Packard Bell Easynote R4250 Packard Bell Easynote R4650  Packard Bell Easynote R5175   Packard Bell Easynote Sc Packard Bell I Go 6000  
Elonex Cl51  
Ergo Mercury 700A  
Esystem 3082  
Esystem 3083  
Esystem 3088  
Evesham 8050D  
Hi Grade 558   Hi Grade Green320
Medion Md9326   Mesh 7321  
Patriot 3060
Patriot 3070  
Patriot 6001  
Rock Sigma  
Tek A535  
Tiny 8050  
Tiny A535
Compatible Part Numbers :
Pa-16, 310-5422, Adp-60Nh, Cf719, K9060, Wd971, 310-7667, Cf719, 312-0367, Pa-1600-06D1, Pa-1600-06D2, K9060, N5825, F9710, Td230, Td231, F9710, 310-6499, 310-6405

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For Lenovo






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