23L Air Fryer Oven With Rotisserie Large XXL Digital Knob 1700W 10 in 1 Airfryer


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Modern Digital Design – This digital Air Fryer oven countertop convection oven has a smart LED display with a stepless knob, which is simple and convenient to operate. Built-in three-layer 23L large capacity, cooking can be done at one time, saving kitchen space. The clever combination of rapidly circulating hot air and a heating element not only cooks your favourite dishes extra quickly and gently, but also requires significantly less energy and fat than conventional devices.

Intelligent Cooking – The 23L mini oven air fryer has independent temperature control of upper and lower heating tubes, NTC electronic temperature control, PID temperature control chip, with 360° adjustable high-speed hot fan and cooling air outlet, equipped with the most advanced visualization furnace lights, so that you can enjoy the visual feast brought by cooking while making delicious food.

Multifunction All-In-One – Air fryer oven toaster with 23L volume and high energy (toast, cake/bake, fish, dehydration, chicken/grill, French fries/air fry, defrosting, steak, pizza, Rotisserie), 9 cooking modes, all easily done, perfect alternative to air fryer, oven, dehydrator, toaster oven, etc., one machine is multi-purpose, saving money, time and worry. You can now enjoy crispy French fries, delicious snacks, juicy meat and much more with little fat and with minimal effort. And you can also cook your veggies, pizza or even rotisserie chicken.

Highly Efficient : Mini oven electric grill and air fryer adopts double-layer insulation glass + safety insulation strip + box insulation cotton, intimate anti-scald widening handle, 1700W motor heating at 230℃, using VORTX technology to rotate convection hot air at high speed, no oily smoke, Strong penetration, in line with food-grade safety certification, cooking food is healthy and efficient, the taste is more crisp, and the fat is reduced by 85%.

Accessories Include : Bake tray, Wire rack, Roast basket, Crumb tray, Rotisseries function structure and Rotisserie accessories, rolling cage, 10″ pizza stone


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