5 Level Food Dehydrator / Preserver / Dehydrator Adjustable Temperature Control


5 Level Food Fruit Dryer / Preserver / Dehydrator Adjustable Temperature Control

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Click link for instruction manual –> https://www.dropbox.com/s/4ibchamndgzybtk/Food-Dryer.pdf?dl=0

The Laptronix Food Dehydrator uses a Flow-Drying system to slowly extract moisture & preserve foods by using low levels of heat (35-70°C). Removing the moisture inhibits the growth of bacteria and helps to preserve the food.

Our dehydrator has 5 tiers for conveniently preserving multiple food types, with an adjustable temperature control allowing you to dry different types of food at the correct temperatures. Built in is the motor, fan and ventilating function, as well as a safety overheating protection device. The drying trays are easy to wash and measure 31cm diameter and 3.5cm deep, so that thicker cut foods can be used without hassle.

Dehydrating food is practiced around the world as a natural method of preservation, which dates back to ancient times. Drying food makes a healthy snack and helps incorporate healthier foods into your or your children’s diet. Drying food both reduces the size (allowing for easier storage in jars/lunchboxes) and retains the healthiness (vitamins, nutrients and minerals) of fruit and vegetables.

Dehydrating is also great for extending fruit seasons, so you can have great food year-round.
Ideal for fruits, meats, fish, vegetables, greens, herbs, yoghurt and bread. We recommend drying pineapple, mango and coconut for making delicious summery snack boxes.



  • The quick & simple way to preserve foods for healthy, natural & delicious snacks
  • Ideal for drying food for lunchboxes, snacking & grazing
  • Dehydrating extracts moisture but retains nutrients, vitamins, minerals & taste
  • 5 tiers of drying using a Flow-Drying system to slowly extract moisture & preserve foods
  • Adjustable thermostat allows you to control the drying process (35-70°C)
  • Transparent exterior is made from strong durable plastic equipped with a filter which helps to block harmful light, which can destroy the nutritional content of food being dehydrated
  • Thermostat range of 35-70 °C
  • Aprox Dimensions : L 33cm x W 33cm x H 27cm
  • Watts : 250w
  • Easily Stored

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