Battery for Compaq 610 6720s HP 451086-121 456864-001 GJ655AA 451086-161 laptop


Battery for Compaq 610 6720s HP 451086-121 456864-001 GJ655AA 451086-161 laptop

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HP G62 G42 HSTNN-LB0W Laptop Battery

This is a brand new high quality non-OEM replacement battery for Compaq. It has been manufactured with very high standards making it a safe, efficient and long-lasting source of power for your laptop. Stick with a quality battery for a safer & smarter power supply. This battery can be used to replace your old battery or can be kept at home or in your office as a spare battery so you never have to worry about losing power when you need it.

Battery Type:






Number of Cells:


Product Type:

Non-OEM Replacement




1 Year


Brand new and boxed

Safety for your Laptop
The battery is protected from overvoltage, short circuit and over current hence providing safe and reliable source of power. The Battery is 100% original manufacturer compatible with electromagnetic capability.
Compatible Part Numbers :
586007-541 593553-001 593554-001 593562-001 HSTNN-UB0W WD548AA

Compatible Models :

Compaq Presario CQ32 Presario CQ42 Presario CQ42-100Presario CQ42-106TU Presario CQ42-108TU Presario CQ42-130TUPresario CQ42-136TU Presario CQ42-137TU Presario CQ42-138TUPresario CQ42-167TX Presario CQ42-170TX Presario CQ42-174TXPresario CQ42-175TX Presario CQ42-200 Presario CQ42-224TUPresario CQ42-225TU Presario CQ42-271TU Presario CQ42-272TUPresario CQ42-294TX Presario CQ42-295TX Presario CQ42-300Presario CQ42-301AX Presario CQ42-301TU Presario CQ42-302AXPresario CQ42-303TU Presario CQ42-304AU Presario CQ42-304TUPresario CQ42-305AU Presario CQ42-309AX Presario CQ42-310AXPresario CQ42-311AU Presario CQ42-312AU Presario CQ42-313AUPresario CQ42-313AX Presario CQ42-320CA Presario CQ42-352TUPresario CQ42-353TU Presario CQ42-354TU Presario CQ42-354TXPresario CQ42-355TX Presario CQ42-356TX Presario CQ42-359TUPresario CQ42-360TU Presario CQ42-362TU Presario CQ42-365TUPresario CQ42-371TU Presario CQ43 Presario CQ43-101AUPresario CQ43-101TX Presario CQ43-103TU Presario CQ56Presario CQ56-100 Presario CQ56-100SG Presario CQ56-100XXPresario CQ56-101SA Presario CQ56-101SG Presario CQ56-102EAPresario CQ56-102EG Presario CQ56-102SA Presario CQ56-102SGPresario CQ56-102TU Presario CQ56-103EA Presario CQ56-103EGPresario CQ56-103SA Presario CQ56-103SG Presario CQ56-104CAPresario CQ56-104SA Presario CQ56-105SA Presario CQ56-106EAPresario CQ56-106SA Presario CQ56-107SA Presario CQ56-108SAPresario CQ56-109WM Presario CQ56-110SA Presario CQ56-110USPresario CQ56-111EA Presario CQ56-111EG Presario CQ56-111SAPresario CQ56-111SG Presario CQ56-112EA Presario CQ56-112NRPresario CQ56-112SA Presario CQ56-113SA Presario CQ56-114EOPresario CQ56-115DX Presario CQ56-115EG Presario CQ56-115SAPresario CQ56-120SG Presario CQ56-122NR Presario CQ56-124CAPresario CQ56-129NR Presario CQ56-131SF Presario CQ56-132EFPresario CQ56-132SF Presario CQ56-133EF Presario CQ56-133SFPresario CQ56-134CA Presario CQ56-134EF Presario CQ56-134SFPresario CQ56-135EF Presario CQ56-135SF Presario CQ56-136SFPresario CQ56-142EF Presario CQ56-142SF Presario CQ56-148CAPresario CQ56-148SF Presario CQ56-154CA Presario CQ56-155EAPresario CQ62 Presario CQ62-100 Presario CQ62-101TXPresario CQ62-102TX Presario CQ62-103TU Presario CQ62-104TUPresario CQ62-105TU Presario CQ62-105TX Presario CQ62-106TUPresario CQ62-108TU Presario CQ62-108TX Presario CQ62-109TUPresario CQ62-109TX Presario CQ62-110TU Presario CQ62-111TUPresario CQ62-111TX Presario CQ62-112TU Presario CQ62-112TXPresario CQ62-113TU Presario CQ62-113TX Presario CQ62-114TXPresario CQ62-115TX Presario CQ62-116TU Presario CQ62-200Presario CQ62-200CA Presario CQ62-201AU Presario CQ62-201AXPresario CQ62-201TU Presario CQ62-202AU Presario CQ62-202TUPresario CQ62-203AU Presario CQ62-203AX Presario CQ62-204AXPresario CQ62-206TU Presario CQ62-207TU Presario CQ62-209WMPresario CQ62-210AX Presario CQ62-210SA Presario CQ62-210SDPresario CQ62-210TU Presario CQ62-211AX Presario CQ62-212AXPresario CQ62-212TU Presario CQ62-214TU Presario CQ62-215DXPresario CQ62-215SA Presario CQ62-215TU Presario CQ62-220EAPresario CQ62-220SA Presario CQ62-220US Presario CQ62-221SAPresario CQ62-225SA Presario CQ62-229SA Presario CQ62-230EAPresario CQ62-230SA Presario CQ62-235SA Presario CQ62-251TUPresario CQ62-251TX Presario CQ62-255TU Presario CQ62-262TXPresario CQ62-263TX Presario CQ62-271TX Presario CQ62-300Presario CQ62-302TU Presario CQ62-305AX Presario CQ62-306AUPresario CQ62-306AX Presario CQ62-308AU Presario CQ62-309AUPresario CQ62-309AX Presario CQ62-310AU Presario CQ62-351TUPresario CQ62-355TU Presario CQ62-355TX Presario CQ62-357TXPresario CQ62-358TU Presario CQ62-360TX Presario CQ62-a00Presario CQ62-a01SG Presario CQ62-a02SG Presario CQ62-a10EAPresario CQ62-a10SA Presario CQ62-a10SD Presario CQ62-a10SOPresario CQ62-a20SA Presario CQ62-a25SA Presario CQ62-a36SFPresario CQ62-a50SA Presario CQ62-a55SA Presario CQ62-a65SAPresario CQ62z-200CTO Presario CQ62z-300 CTO Presario CQ630
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About usAdil-Skee is a Coventry based consumer electronics wholesale and distribution company. We have been in the industry since 2006. With huge buying power, we can provide our customers with great products at great prices saving you a considerable amount of money compared to other online sellers.  We offer a safe convenient way for you to purchase mobile and laptop parts & accessories. Our track record and seller rating speaks for itself. Our dedicated customer service team and almost 6 years of experience in the Industry have made Adil-Skee one of the safest & most reliable online accessory suppliers in UK. ReturnsWe try our best to make sure that you receive the item as you have expected it to be. There are however, extremely rare cases where things can go wrong and you may be unhappy with your purchase. In such a case, please don’t leave negative feedback or open a case. Instead, contact us and we will help you resolve the issue very quickly by either offering you a full refund or replacing the product at no extra cost to you. All our products are covered by a 7 day ‘no questions’ money back guarantee. Please note, in such cases, the items must be returned in the condition they were delivered to you.


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