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Laptronix  Electric Airer /Dryer is made from light yet robust aluminium is easy to move around and fold down to 11.3cm or less deep for storage, ready to be pressed into action throughout the winter months, or whenever the weather isn’t cooperating.

Laptronix Airer benefits from folding shelves that can be positioned to suit your needs: you can dry T-shirts, socks or larger items over the rungs; lay delicate clothes flat to avoid stretching, or hang sheets and big towels over the top without them touching the floor. This economical heated airer/dryer cost just pennies an hour to run. This is also much kinder to clothes than tumble drying and neater and more efficient than laying laundry over your radiators.

Washing towels, sheets and duvet covers can be a real bore if you can’t use a washing line to hang them out and end up having to drape them over the banisters and radiators to get them dry. But this Winged Heated Airer is designed to solve just that problem.

Wide enough with the wings extended for you to spread your bedding out over, the wings also fold in for use in smaller spaces and with smaller loads. Also suitable for lofts and spaces with less headroom. This wide heated clothes drier has all the features of drying your wash faster whatever the weather and folding down to only 11.3cm deep when you need to pack it away.


  • Heated to speed up the drying process with 20 Heating Tubes
  • Includes heated fold-out wings
  • Ideal for drying clothes when space is a premium
  • Low energy consumption and therefore cost efficient
  • Folds neatly away for easy storage
  • Light- weight construction
  • Safety covered illuminated ON/OFF switch
  • Max load 10kg approx
  • Dimensions:   L147 X W54 X H94cm


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