High Quality Ac Adapter Charger For Hp 630 635


High Quality Ac Adapter Charger For Hp 630 635

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The Hewlett Packard Ac Adaptor Is A Brand New Replacement Item. It Has Been Manufactured With Very High Standards Making It A Safe, Reliable, Efficient And Long-Lasting Source Of Power For Your Laptop. Stick With A Quality Ac Adaptor For A Safer & Smarter Power Supply. This Adaptor Can Be Used To Replace Your Old Adaptor Or Can Be Kept At Home Or In Your Office As A Spare Adaptor So You Never Have To Worry About Losing Power When You Need It!*Important :  Please Ensure The Output & Connector Size Match Your Original Adaptor.Technical Details Charger Type: Uk Mains (3 Pin Clover Type Power Lead Not Included) Power Provided 65 Watts Input Voltage 100V – 240V Output Voltage 18.5V Output Current 3.5A Condition New Product Type Replacement Connector Size 4.0Mm X 1.7Mm Colour Black   


HP Compaq

635 384020-001 384021-001 391172-001 391173-001 384021-001 382021-002
391173-001384021-001382021-002 463955-001 519329-002 519329-003 608425-001
608425-003 609939-001 609939-001 613152-001 2230s 6535b 6910p G16
2710P 2710p 6720T 6730S 6735B 391172-001 463552-002 463958-001 463552-002 384019-002
600 600C 600CT 609939-001 635 6510 6320 6735s 6910p NC6120 NC6320 NC6400
6710B 6715B 6715S 6710S 6510B 6715B 6735S 6735B 6715S 6735S 6715B 6710BCABL
6730B 6730B 6730S 6735B 6735S 6735 6735S 6730B 6735b 6530b 6735S 6820S 394224-001 G17
6830S 6830s 6830 s 6910 6910P 6930P 6910 6910P 6930PCA 6910P 6910p 6735s 800CT
800 800CS 800CS/CT 8510P 8510W 8510p 8510w 8710p 8530p Business 6730s6735s6830s
CQ56-113SA CQ62 CQ62-220SA G50 G60 G61 G70 2230S G56 CQ56 G72 CQ72 MINI 311c-1020SA
MINI 311c-1020SA 311c-1140EI NC2400 NC2400 NC4400 nc6220 NC6230 NC6320
NC6230 NC6320 NC6400 NC6320 NC6400 NC8430 NW8440 NX6125 NX6310 NX6310
NX6310 NX6325 NC6320 NX6325 NX6325 NX7300 NX7400 2710P nx7300 nx7400

HP Compaq Presario

CQ32 CQ36 CQ41 CQ42 CQ50 CQ56 CQ57 CQ58 CHARGER
CQ40-555TU CQ40- CQ56 CQ56-105SL CQ56-112EA G15 CQ56 CQ57 CQ58
CQ56 CQ57 CQ60 CQ61 CQ62 CQ71 CQ56-104SA CQ56-111EA CQ56-250SA
CQ56-104SAAC CQ56-201SO CQ57-302SA CQ57-371SA CQ57-447SG
CQ57-366SA CQ57-426SA CQ57-480SA CQ58 CQ58-278SA
CQ58 CQ58-D28SA CQ58-125EA CQ58-153SA CQ58-260SA CQ58-261SA
CQ58-125EA CQ58-153SA CQ58-260SA CQ58-261SA G15 CQ60 CQ50
CQ60 CQ503 CQ60, CQ61 CQ60,CQ61 CQ60-311SA CQ60-214EM CQ60-307EA
CQ60-320SA CQ60-409SA CQ60-430SA CQ61-315SA CQ61-440SA
CQ70 CQ60 CQ50 CQ40 CQ70-220EM CQ70-116EM CQ70-214EA CQ71-402SA


PROBOOK 4510S 4515S

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