Laptronix Electric Juicer Machine Fruit Vegetable Citrus Juice Extractor 1000W


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Laptronix 1000W 1.8 Litre Juicer is a powerful juice machine to extract quick and easy juice from fruits and vegetables. With modern design and two speed settings it is  pleasing to use and easy to clean. 

Easy to Clean and Assemble
Laptronix1000W 1.8 litre juicer design is simple and attractive, and also strong and sturdy. Removable large pulp container and detachable parts makes clean up no chore

Safe Operation
The safety lock is specially designed so that the juicer cannot be used without being correctly assembled. Also the overheat safety functions ensures the unit is automatically shut off to provide peace of mind.

Wide Feeding Chute
The 75mm wide feed chute, allows you to save time on preparation as with many fruits no cutting is needed. Food grade stainless steel cutting blade allows for more juice and more vitamins to be extracted.

Quick and Powerful
Powerful 1000W motor delivers fast results – benefits from automatic overheat protection and double safety lock for safe operation.

2 Speed Settings
Juicer is equipped with Dual rotation blade speed, which achieves optimum juicing results from hard and soft ingredients. The lower rotation speed is ideal for soft items like berries, oranges and tomatoes, higher rotation speed is better suited to hard foods with a thicker skin, like apples and carrots.

Modern Sleek Design
Stainless steel finish and sleek modern design with large 1.5L detachable pulp container – helps keep mess to a minimum.

The accessories full set includes:
Pusher/plunger to safely load and push down ingredients
Filter Basket for more hygienic pulp collection
600ml Juice Collection Jug with lid for easy storage
Large 1.8L Pulp Container to minimise mess
Easy to Clean 

The pulp chute collects waste for easy removal and all removable components are dishwasher safe for your convenience. 

The sleek black and stainless steel construction is easy to wipe down and will look the part on any kitchen countertop.   


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