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Laptronix hand held fabric steamer is perfect for quick and last-minute touch-ups, never go out of house again with a wrinkle in your trousers or a crease in your dress with this handy steamer. Its small, compact design also makes it perfect for taking with you on your holiday.

Easy of Use
This fast heating, powerful 1200W steamer will get your clothes and linen looking fresher and smoother within minutes. Safe to use on all fabrics and especially handy for those harder to iron pieces like curtains or bed linen. Easy to use, simply fill the generous 0.25-litre removable water tank, press the steam button (or lock it to produce continuous steam) and then simply move the steamer from top to bottom of the garment you are steaming.

Included with your steamer is a fabric brush; simply pop this onto the steamer head for thicker fabrics and watch as the steam penetrates the fabric, helping to de-wrinkle as well as remove lint and hairs.

This Laptronix Steam hand garment steamer is the perfect tool to de-wrinkle and refresh your clothing quickly and effectively, but gently enough to protect your garments from heat damage.


  • Convenient;    Perfect for last-minute touch-ups
  • Portable; Handheld steamer with a stable base for resting when not in use
  • Versatile; Safe to use on all fabrics
  • Easy to use; Steam button locks and the steamer has automatic shut off
  • Clothes brush included; Penetrates steam into the fabric to help remove lint and hairs


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