Laptronix Manual Coffee Bean Grinder Adjustable Coarseness Ceramic Hand Mill


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Laptronix Manual Coffee Bean Grinder is the perfect tool to add to your coffee collection. The grinder features an adjustable mechanism that can easily be adjusted by raising or lowering the locking nut, this will affect the coarseness of the grind which is necessary depending on your brewing technique. A coarse grind is ideal for cafetieres, a medium grind is great for flat filter drip coffee makers, and a fine grind is perfect for cone shaped drip coffee makers.   


  • Laptronix fully adjustable design coffee bean grinder, means it can be used for a range of coffee makers.
  • Laptronix compact design coffee bean grinder makes it perfect for not taking up much space in your kitchen, whilst also making it ideal for offices or travelling.
  • The coffee bean grinder can easily be dismantled for easy cleaning.


  • Size: 21cm (Height) x 9.1cm (Diameter).
  • Materials: Glass, Ceramic, Plastic, Silicone, Metal.
  • In the box: 2x Pots, 1x Handle, 1 Plastic and silicone lid and 1 plastic screw on lid.
  • Please note – Pictured coffee is for illustrative purposes only and is not included


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