New For Sony Vaio Vpc-Sc1Afm-S Replacement 90W Laptop Charger Ac Adapter


New For Sony Vaio Vpc-Sc1Afm/S Replacement 90W Laptop Charger Ac Adapter

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19.5V 4.7A 90W Laptop Charger Ac Adapter Power Supply

A Brand New Replacement Item Manufactured With High Standards Making It A Safe And Reliable Source Of Power For Your Laptop Or Netbook. Our Chargers Are Safety Tested In The Uk. It Can Be Used To Replace Your Old Adaptor Or As A Spare So You Never Have To Worry About Losing Power When You Need It!   Safety Tips : For Indoor Use Only. Switch Off Item From The Plug When Not In Use. Unplug The Item If You Are Away From It For A Long Period Of Time. Do Not Use In The Bathroom. Avoid Plugging/Unplugging With Wet Hands. Do Not Use With Damaged Sockets. Ensure Ac Plug Is Fitted With Correct Amperage Fuse. Item Imported By Adil-Skee Ventures, Coventry. Tested For Uk Safety Standards By Cass Industries, Manchester (Ce Approved Tester).
Technical Details

 Charger Type:
 Uk Mains (3 Pin Clover Type Power Lead Not Included)

 Power Provided
 90 Watts

 Input Voltage
 100V Р240V

 Output Voltage

 Output Current


 Product Type
 Non-Oem Replacement

 Connector Size
 6.0Mm X 4.4Mm




Compatible Models : 
Sony Vaio Pcg-Fr Series
Pcg-Fr100, Pcg-Fr102, Pcg-Fr105, Pcg-Fr130, Pcg-Fr130U, Pcg-Fr150, Pcg-Fr215E, Pcg-Fr215H, Pcg-Fr215M, Pcg-Fr295Mp, Pcg-Fr33/B, Pcg-Fr55/B, Pcg-Fr55E, Pcg-Fr55E/B, Pcg-Fr77/B, Pcg-Fr77E/B, Pcg-Fr780
Sony Vaio Pcg-Grs Series
Pcg-Grs, Pcg-Grs100, Pcg-Grs150, Pcg-Grs150K, Pcg-Grs150P, Pcg-Grs170, Pcg-Grs170P, Pcg-Grs175, Pcg-Grs250, Pcg-Grs515M, Pcg-Grs515Sp, Pcg-Grs515Sp/R, Pcg-Grs515Spr, Pcg-Grs55/B, Pcg-Grs614Mk, Pcg-Grs614Mp, Pcg-Grs615Sk, Pcg-Grs615Sp, Pcg-Grs700K
Sony Vaio Pcg-Grx Series
Pcg-Grx, Pcg-Grx102/P, Pcg-Grx315Mk, Pcg-Grx315Mp, Pcg-Grx316G, Pcg-Grx316Mk, Pcg-Grx316Mp, Pcg-Grx316Sk, Pcg-Grx316Sp, Pcg-Grx415Mk, Pcg-Grx415Mp, Pcg-Grx416G, Pcg-Grx416Sk, Pcg-Grx416Sp, Pcg-Grx500, Pcg-Grx501, Pcg-Grx51/Bp, Pcg-Grx510, Pcg-Grx510K, Pcg-Grx510P, Pcg-Grx515G, Pcg-Grx516Md, Pcg-Grx516Sp, Pcg-Grx52/Gb, Pcg-Grx520, Pcg-Grx520K, Pcg-Grx520P, Pcg-Grx530, Pcg-Grx530K, Pcg-Grx530P, Pcg-Grx550, Pcg-Grx550K, Pcg-Grx550P, Pcg-Grx560, Pcg-Grx560K, Pcg-Grx560P, Pcg-Grx570, Pcg-Grx570K, Pcg-Grx570P, Pcg-Grx580, Pcg-Grx580K, Pcg-Grx580P, Pcg-Grx590, Pcg-Grx590K, Pcg-Grx590P, Pcg-Grx590R, Pcg-Grx590Rp, Pcg-Grx600, Pcg-Grx606, Pcg-Grx615G, Pcg-Grx615S, Pcg-Grx616Mk, Pcg-Grx616Mp, Pcg-Grx616Sk, Pcg-Grx616Sp, Pcg-Grx626, Pcg-Grx626P, Pcg-Grx650, Pcg-Grx650P, Pcg-Grx670, Pcg-Grx670K, Pcg-Grx670P, Pcg-Grx690, Pcg-Grx690K, Pcg-Grx690P, Pcg-Grx707, Pcg-Grx72, Pcg-Grx727, Pcg-Grx81G/P, Pcg-Grx90/P, Pcg-Grx91G/P, Pcg-Grx92G/P
Sony Vaio Pcg-Nv Series
Pcg-Nv, Pcg-Nv100, Pcg-Nv105, Pcg-Nv105/109, Pcg-Nv106, Pcg-Nv107, Pcg-Nv108, Pcg-Nv109, Pcg-Nv109M, Pcg-Nv170, Pcg-Nv170P, Pcg-Nv190, Pcg-Nv190P, Pcg-Nv200, Pcg-Nv205, Pcg-Nv205A, Pcg-Nv209, Pcg-Nv290, Pcg-Nv309, Pcg-Nv55E/B, Pcg-Nvr23
Sony Vaio Pcg-R Series
Pcg-R505, Pcg-R505Bf, Pcg-R505D, Pcg-R505Dcp, Pcg-R505Df, Pcg-R505Dfk, Pcg-R505Dfp, Pcg-R505Dl, Pcg-R505Dlk, Pcg-R505Dlp, Pcg-R505Dmh, Pcg-R505Ds, Pcg-R505Dsk, Pcg-R505Dsp, Pcg-R505Dx, Pcg-R505E, Pcg-R505Ec, Pcg-R505Eck, Pcg-R505Ecp, Pcg-R505El, Pcg-R505Elk, Pcg-R505Elp, Pcg-R505Es, Pcg-R505Esk, Pcg-R505Esp, Pcg-R505Ex, Pcg-R505G, Pcg-R505Gc, Pcg-R505Gck, Pcg-R505Gcp, Pcg-R505Gl, Pcg-R505Glk, Pcg-R505Glp, Pcg-R505Jl, Pcg-R505Mf, Pcg-R505Om, Pcg-R505Te, Pcg-R505Tek, Pcg-R505Tf, Pcg-R505Tl, Pcg-R505Ts, Pcg-R505Tsk, Pcg-R600, Pcg-R600Hek, Pcg-R600Hep, Pcg-R600Hepd, Pcg-R600Hfk, Pcg-R600Hfp, Pcg-R600Hmk, Pcg-R600Hmkd, Pcg-R600Hmp, Pcg-R600Hmpd, Pcg-R600Mep, Pcg-R600Mf, Pcg-R600Mx,
Sony Vaio Vgn-A Series
Vgn-A115B, Vgn-A115M, Vgn-A115S, Vgn-A115Z, Vgn-A317, Vgn-A317M, Vgn-A317S, Vgn-A397Xp, Vgn-A417, Vgn-A417M, Vgn-A417S, Vgn-A497Xp, Vgn-A517, Vgn-A517B, Vgn-A517M, Vgn-A517S, Vgn-A617, Vgn-A617B, Vgn-A617M, Vgn-A617S,
Sony Vaio Vgn-Ax Series
Vgn-Ax, Vgn-Ax570, Vgn-Ax570G, Vgn-Ax580, Vgn-Ax580G,
Sony Vaio Vgn-Bx Series
Vgn-Bx, Vgn-Bx194Vp, Vgn-Bx195Ep, Vgn-Bx195Vp, Vgn-Bx195Xp, Vgn-Bx196Vp, Vgn-Bx196Xp, Vgn-Bx197Xp, Vgn-Bx295Vp, Vgn-Bx297Xp, Vgn-Bx394Vp, Vgn-Bx396Vp, Vgn-Bx396Xp, Vgn-Bx41Vn, Vgn-Bx41Xn, Vgn-Bx51Vn, Vgn-Bx51Xp, Vgn-Bx541, Vgn-Bx541B, Vgn-Bx543, Vgn-Bx543B, Vgn-Bx546, Vgn-Bx546B, Vgn-Bx670P, Vgn-Bx675P, Vgn-Bx740Nw, Vgn-Bx740P, Vgn-Bx740Ps, Vgn-Bx740Pw, Vgn-Bx760Ns, Vgn-Bx760P, Vgn-Bx760Ps,
Sony Vaio Vgn-C Series
Vgn-C1, Vgn-C1/G, Vgn-C1/P, Vgn-C1/W, Vgn-C140G/B, Vgn-C150P/B, Vgn-C190P/H, Vgn-C1S/G, Vgn-C1S/P, Vgn-C1S/W, Vgn-C1Z/B, Vgn-C220E/H, Vgn-C240E/B, Vgn-C250N/B, Vgn-C291Nw/H, Vgn-C2S, Vgn-C2S/G, Vgn-C2S/H, Vgn-C2S/L, Vgn-C2S/P, Vgn-C2S/W, Vgn-C2Z, Vgn-C2Z/B,
Sony Vaio Vgn-Cr Series
Vgn-Cr11S, Vgn-Cr11S/L, Vgn-Cr11S/P, Vgn-Cr11S/W, Vgn-Cr11Z, Vgn-Cr11Z/R, Vgn-Cr120E, Vgn-Cr140E/B, Vgn-Cr140N/B, Vgn-Cr150E/B, Vgn-Cr190E, Vgn-Cr19Vn/B, Vgn-Cr19Xn/B, Vgn-Cr21E/L, Vgn-Cr21E/P, Vgn-Cr21E/W, Vgn-Cr21S, Vgn-Cr21S/L, Vgn-Cr21S/P, Vgn-Cr21S/W, Vgn-Cr21Z, Vgn-Cr21Z/N, Vgn-Cr21Z/R, Vgn-Cr29Xn/B,
Sony Vaio Vgn-E Series
Vgn-E, Vgn-E50B/B, Vgn-E50B/D, Vgn-E50B/S, Vgn-E51B/D, Vgn-E51B/S, Vgn-E70B/B, Vgn-E70B/S, Vgn-E71B/S, Vgn-E81B/B, Vgn-E91B/B
Sony Vaio Vgn-Fe Series
Vgn-Fe, Vgn-Fe11H, Vgn-Fe31Z, Vgn-Fe550, Vgn-Fe550Fm, Vgn-Fe550G, Vgn-Fe570, Vgn-Fe570G, Vgn-Fe590, Vgn-Fe590Gc, Vgn-Fe590Pa, Vgn-Fe590Pb, Vgn-Fe660G, Vgn-Fe770G, Vgn-Fe790, Vgn-Fe880E/H, Vgn-Fe890
Sony Vaio Vgn-Fj Series
Vgn-Fj, Vgn-Fj170, Vgn-Fj170/B, Vgn-Fj180P, Vgn-Fj180P/G, Vgn-Fj180P/L, Vgn-Fj180P/R, Vgn-Fj180P/W, Vgn-Fj1S, Vgn-Fj1S/L, Vgn-Fj1S/W, Vgn-Fj1Z/W, Vgn-Fj270, Vgn-Fj270/B, Vgn-Fj270P, Vgn-Fj270P/B, Vgn-Fj290, Vgn-Fj290P1/B, Vgn-Fj290P1/G, Vgn-Fj290P1/L, Vgn-Fj290P1/R, Vgn-Fj290P1/V, Vgn-Fj290P1/W, Vgn-Fj57Sp, Vgn-Fj58Sp
Sony Vaio Vgn-Fs Series
Vgn-Fs, Vgn-Fs115B, Vgn-Fs115M, Vgn-Fs115Z, Vgn-Fs15Gp, Vgn-Fs15Sp, Vgn-Fs15Tp, Vgn-Fs18Gp, Vgn-Fs18Sp, Vgn-Fs195Vp, Vgn-Fs215M, Vgn-Fs25Gp, Vgn-Fs25Sp, Vgn-Fs28Gp, Vgn-Fs28Sp, Vgn-Fs35Sp, Vgn-Fs38Sp, Vgn-Fs415E, Vgn-Fs415W, Vgn-Fs485B, Vgn-Fs500, Vgn-Fs500P, Vgn-Fs500P12, Vgn-Fs515H, Vgn-Fs520, Vgn-Fs520B, Vgn-Fs530, Vgn-Fs530B, Vgn-Fs540, Vgn-Fs540P, Vgn-Fs550, Vgn-Fs550Kit1, Vgn-Fs570, Vgn-Fs620, Vgn-Fs620/W, Vgn-Fs625, Vgn-Fs625B, Vgn-Fs625B/W, Vgn-Fs630, Vgn-Fs630/W, Vgn-Fs635, Vgn-Fs635B, Vgn-Fs635B/W, Vgn-Fs640, Vgn-Fs640/W, Vgn-Fs645, Vgn-Fs645P, Vgn-Fs645P/H, Vgn-Fs660, Vgn-Fs660/W, Vgn-Fs675, Vgn-Fs675P, Vgn-Fs675P/H, Vgn-Fs680, Vgn-Fs680/W, Vgn-Fs690, Vgn-Fs715, Vgn-Fs730, Vgn-Fs730/W, Vgn-Fs730W, Vgn-Fs740, Vgn-Fs740/W, Vgn-Fs740W, Vgn-Fs742, Vgn-Fs742/W, Vgn-Fs742W, Vgn-Fs745P, Vgn-Fs745P/H, Vgn-Fs750, Vgn-Fs750P/W, Vgn-Fs755P/H, Vgn-Fs760/W, Vgn-Fs770, Vgn-Fs770/W, Vgn-Fs775, Vgn-Fs775P/H, Vgn-Fs780, Vgn-Fs780/W, Vgn-Fs780W, Vgn-Fs790, Vgn-Fs790Ba/Bz, Vgn-Fs840, Vgn-Fs840/W, Vgn-Fs875, Vgn-Fs875P, Vgn-Fs875P/H, Vgn-Fs8900, Vgn-Fs8900P, Vgn-Fs8900P3, Vgn-Fs8900P4, Vgn-Fs8900P5, Vgn-Fs920, Vgn-Fs950,
Sony Vaio Vgn-Fz Series
Vgn-Fz11L, Vgn-Fz11M, Vgn-Fz11S, Vgn-Fz11Z, Vgn-Fz130, Vgn-Fz130E, Vgn-Fz130E/B, Vgn-Fz140, Vgn-Fz140E, Vgn-Fz140E/B, Vgn-Fz140N, Vgn-Fz140N/B, Vgn-Fz145, Vgn-Fz145E, Vgn-Fz145E/B, Vgn-Fz150, Vgn-Fz150E, Vgn-Fz150E/B, Vgn-Fz150E/Bc, Vgn-Fz160, Vgn-Fz160E, Vgn-Fz160E/B, Vgn-Fz180, Vgn-Fz180E, Vgn-Fz180E/B, Vgn-Fz18E, Vgn-Fz18M, Vgn-Fz190, Vgn-Fz190E, Vgn-Fz190E/B, Vgn-Fz190N, Vgn-Fz19Vn, Vgn-Fz21E, Vgn-Fz21M, Vgn-Fz21S, Vgn-Fz21Z,
Sony Vaio Vgn-N Series
Vgn-N, Vgn-N120, Vgn-N120G, Vgn-N120G/W, Vgn-N130, Vgn-N130G, Vgn-N130G/B, Vgn-N130G/W, Vgn-N130P, Vgn-N130P/B, Vgn-N150, Vgn-N150G, Vgn-N150G/W, Vgn-N150P, Vgn-N150P/B, Vgn-N160, Vgn-N160G, Vgn-N160G/W, Vgn-N170, Vgn-N170G, Vgn-N170G/T, Vgn-N170G/W, Vgn-N220, Vgn-N220E, Vgn-N220E/B, Vgn-N220E/W, Vgn-N230, Vgn-N230E, Vgn-N230E/B, Vgn-N230E/T, Vgn-N230E/W, Vgn-N250, Vgn-N250E, Vgn-N250E/B, Vgn-N250N, Vgn-N250N/B, Vgn-N270, Vgn-N270E/T, Vgn-N270E/W, Vgn-N29Vn/B, Vgn-N31M, Vgn-N31M/W, Vgn-N31S/W, Vgn-N31Z/W, Vgn-N320, Vgn-N320E, Vgn-N320E/B, Vgn-N320E/W, Vgn-N330, Vgn-N330E, Vgn-N330E/B, Vgn-N330N, Vgn-N330N/B, Vgn-N350, Vgn-N350E/B, Vgn-N350E/T, Vgn-N350E/W, Vgn-N350N, Vgn-N350N/B, Vgn-N370, Vgn-N370E/B, Vgn-N370E/T, Vgn-N370E/W, Vgn-N38E/W, Vgn-N38Z/W,
Sony Vaio Vgn-Nr Series
Vgn-Nr11M/S, Vgn-Nr11S/S, Vgn-Nr11Z/S, Vgn-Nr11Z/T,
Sony Vaio Vgn-N-Series
Vgn-N11S/W, Vgn-N19Vp/B,
Sony Vaio Vgn-S3 Series
Vgn-S380, Vgn-S380B, Vgn-S380B/P, Vgn-S380P, Vgn-S3Hp, Vgn-S3Vp, Vgn-S3Xp,
Sony Vaio Vgn-S4 Series
Vgn-S4, Vgn-S430, Vgn-S430P, Vgn-S430P/S, Vgn-S460, Vgn-S460/B, Vgn-S460P, Vgn-S460P/B, Vgn-S470, Vgn-S470/B, Vgn-S470P/B, Vgn-S470P/S, Vgn-S4Hp/B, Vgn-S4Hrp/B, Vgn-S4M/S, Vgn-S4Vp/B, Vgn-S4Xp/B, Vgn-S4Xrp/B,
Sony Vaio Vgn-S5 Series
Vgn-S550, Vgn-S550P/B, Vgn-S55Sp/S, Vgn-S560, Vgn-S560P/B, Vgn-S570, Vgn-S570P/S, Vgn-S580, Vgn-S580Ha/Ro, Vgn-S5Hp/B, Vgn-S5M/S, Vgn-S5Vp/D, Vgn-S5Xp, Vgn-S5Xp/B,
Sony Vaio Vgn-Sz Series
Vgn-Sz, Vgn-Sz110/B, Vgn-Sz120P/B, Vgn-Sz140, Vgn-Sz140Pc, Vgn-Sz140Pd, Vgn-Sz160, Vgn-Sz160P, Vgn-Sz160P/C, Vgn-Sz170P, Vgn-Sz170P/C, Vgn-Sz1Hp/B, Vgn-Sz1M/B, Vgn-Sz240, Vgn-Sz240P12, Vgn-Sz250P/C, Vgn-Sz260P/C, Vgn-Sz270, Vgn-Sz270P, Vgn-Sz270P/C, Vgn-Sz281, Vgn-Sz281P, Vgn-Sz281P/X, Vgn-Sz281P/Xk1, Vgn-Sz2Vp/X, Vgn-Sz2Xp/C, Vgn-Sz320P/B, Vgn-Sz330P/B, Vgn-Sz340, Vgn-Sz360P/C, Vgn-Sz370P/C, Vgn-Sz381P/X, Vgn-Sz390, Vgn-Sz3Vwp/X, Vgn-Sz3Xwp/C, Vgn-Sz4, Vgn-Sz430N/B, Vgn-Sz440N23, Vgn-Sz450N/C, Vgn-Sz460N/C, Vgn-Sz470N/C, Vgn-Sz480, Vgn-Sz491N/X, Vgn-Sz4Mn/B, Vgn-Sz4Vwn/X, Vgn-Sz4Xwn/C, Vgn-Sz5Mn/B, Vgn-Sz5Vwn/X, Vgn-Sz5Xwn/C, Vgn-Sz61Mn/B, Vgn-Sz61Vn/X, Vgn-Sz61Wn/C
Compatible Part Numbers : 
Pcga-Ac19V10, Pcga-Ac19V11, Pcga-Ac19V13,Pcga-Ac19V19,Pcga-Ac19V21,Pcga-Ac19V23,Pcga-Ac19V25,Pcga- Ac19V26,Pcga-Ac19V27,Vgp-Ac19V10, Vgp-Ac19V11, Vgp-Ac19V12, Vgp-Ac19V13,Vgp-Ac19V14,Vgp-Ac19V19,Vgp-Ac19V20,Vgp-Ac19V21,Vgp- Ac19V23,Vgp-Ac19V24,Vgp-Ac19V25,Vgp-Ac19V26,Vgp-Ac19V27

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