About Us

We come to work every morning with an aim to ensure all our customers receive high quality products at a reasonable price. All day we work on communications to ensure production quality of all of Laptronix products. From production line to packing materials and then safely warehousing the products at our Coventry warehouse, we track each step to ensure the products met the high quality standards set in our guidelines. Our fascinating dispatch team is only keen to ensure that all the customer orders are securely packed and dispatched on time every day. Our customer service enthusiasts are always happy to help the customers when they have any after sale questions.

Where it all started

In December 2009 when my PHD funding application got refused, I considered to start an online business to fund my PHD and to earn a living for my family with four wonderful children.

I started researching ideas online for a suitable product to sell but wasn’t getting anywhere. While I was searching online my laptop charger stopped working. This was the third time in a matter of 6 months that my charger broke. I remember thinking if someone can sell laptop chargers at a reasonable price which lasts long can make a good business.
After doing a bit of market research, I decided that I will start of my online business with laptop chargers and laptop batteries.

Considering the quality of laptop chargers and batteries many of our existing customers asked if we do other laptop accessories. In 2011 we expanded into other laptop and pc accessories and added laptop keyboards, Mouses, gaming keyboards, game pads, data cables, cooling pads, laptop cases, headphones, speakers and connectors.

The mission was to source high end quality products and offer these at a reasonable price to customers in order to build good business relationship. It was challenging to source high end products at a reasonable price. I spent 6 months in communication with number of manufacturers in sourcing a supplier who's product quality and price could match our expectations

I learnt that I had to buy a very large number stock of each product in order to get high quality at a reasonable price. I could only afford to buy a few laptop chargers and laptop battery types to start the business. The start was slow and discouraging but in a few months the high quality focus started to pay off. We started to get bigger orders from independent retailers and other online sellers. In 8 months from the launch business became very busy and we were ready to expand into other products.

This is when I met my old friend an ex Royal Air force systems engineer, who left his engineering carrier and wanted to start something more exiting. I couldn't find a better opportunity to offer him to join in the business and add the much needed technical knowledge. Skee accepted my proposal and became business partner. He has contributed his un-parallel expertise in bringing Laptronix where it is today.

Product expansion was exiting yet very challenging to stay on top of premium quality. Skees engineering capabilities coupled with Cass Industries a quality testing lab in Manchester kept us on top our high quality products mission. Snaking and quick snakes have always been favourite amongst all our four children. While me and my wife always tried hard to encourage them to have healthy snacks. Having a good quality yet affordable quick snake kitchen appliance was always a challenge to find.


On a family dinner one day me and skee were having a good time with discussion on expanding business and exploring new ideas for new products, my than 11 years old daughter pitched the idea "Why don't you sell pop corn makers dad, me and my friends will love to buy them". This was a fruitful suggestion and knowing that I have some committed customer was encouraging.
Later that year in 2012, we added small kitchen appliances section to our portfolio of products. Today laptronix have over 30 amazing great looking kitchen appliances from healthy grills, to blenders, sandwich makers, electric kettles, toaster, juicers and popcorn makers.

The great customer response for small kitchen appliances encouraged us to add further home products. Building on premier quality low price mission we embarked upon adding electric heater and fire-places range.

When initially the electric heaters idea was floated in 2013 by One of our regular home appliance customer we thought why people would buy electric heaters when there is gas central heating in most places. It was when we did a bit of market research and people told us that in extreme cold conditions they need extra heating source on top of gas centre heating and there were many areas and homes where gas central heating wasn't available.
Considering that heaters and fire-places will effect or add to the existing room deco we went for special design high efficiency great contemporary looking electric heaters and fire-places. Again with hard work in high end quality product sourcing and offering at a reasonable price to customers, Laptronix very soon became a household name in electric heaters. We sold 10s of thousand of electric heaters since 2013 and found as many new happy customers

My dad was a passionate Gardner and I was always happy to help him since my young age with lawn mowing, hedges trim and trimming grass on the edge of our garden. Back then we used to use manual lawn mower and shears for trimming. I remember dad used to be very keen on getting the grass edges properly shaped.

While we were expanding further in 2014, there was nothing better than adding the gardening tools I knew the need very well since my young age. Fantastic quality and great performance Electric and petrol powered hedge trimmers, lawnmower and grass trimmers became new addition to our laptronix products family

My old friend and our local Handyman Tom was helping me with garage restoration and noticed our lawnmower in the garage. He was glad to see us gone into power garden tools. He encouraged me to have DIY power tools as he saw great need for high quality DIY power tools at a reasonable price.

After further research we added a much needed section of power tools in 2015. Our customers are now benefitting from quality performance angle grinders, Power Saws, drills, multi fiction tools and many more.

In the past 8 years we had many twist and turns all of our new expansions were not a success but it was the spirit of providing high quality products at affordable prices which kept us going.

We further added led lights and home appliances in 2016 and aspiring to keep on going to meet renewed customer needs in years to come.

We will keep you updated with our ambitious journey of fulfilling customer needs with high quality products at a price they can afford.