Compact Electric Egg Boiler Cooker Steamer Maker 7 Eggs for Breakfast


Compact Electric Egg Boiler Cooker Steamer Maker 7 Eggs for Breakfast

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When you want to get your day off to the best possible start, you need to make sure your breakfast is up to scratch. A below-par breakfast or, even worse, no breakfast at all, could see your energy levels drop and your stomach start to rumble well before lunch.

There are endless breakfast options around nowadays, although we believe the old favourites are often the best – such as the humble boiled egg.

In between getting the kids ready for school or getting ready for another 9-5 in the office, chances are you might not have the time to stand over the hob and saucepan, keeping an eye on your eggs. This needn’t get in the way of enjoying a delicious breakfast though, as the Laptronix Egg Boiler takes care of everything for you.

Whether you like yours hard, soft or medium boiled, the Laptronix Electric Egg Boiler will cater to your requirements and help to put a spring in your step as you head out of the door for the day!

Eggs for all the family

The Laptronix Egg Boiler features a robust 350W stainless steel Heating Plate which makes extremely light work of cooking not one, not two but seven perfectly formed eggs – breakfast or snacks for all the family in a single step.

Easy eggs in mere minutes!

The Laptronix Egg Boiler is incredibly simple to use – so even if you’re still half asleep or haven’t had that all-important coffee boost, you can’t go wrong.

The Laptronix Egg Boiler uses steam and a secure rack to cook your eggs – rather than a saucepan of boiling water where eggs are prone to bouncing about and becoming damaged. The Egg Boiler cleverly cooks your eggs just how you like them according to the volume of water in the base – using the measuring cup provided, it’s easy to add just the right amount, and your eggs will be ready in between six and twelve minutes. A handy indicator light lets you know when it’s time to tuck in!

Cracked and over-cooked eggs are a thing of the past with the Laptronix Egg Boiler too – simply use the handy pin located at the bottom of the measuring cup to pierce a hole in eggs to allow them to cook thoroughly. Air vents on the lid allow steam to escape safely.

As if tucking into perfectly boiled eggs with minimal effort wasn’t enough, the Laptronix Egg Boiler is also a great energy saver – eating away at less energy than your average cooker.

The Laptronix Egg Boiler also offers something for those who prefer their eggs sunny side up, and comes complete with an egg poaching bowl which can be placed on the rack for perfectly poached eggs just as quickly and easily.

Automatic power turn off and over-temperature protection functions provide you with the safety and peace of mind you need in a kitchen appliance.

As well as being a nifty little piece of equipment, the Laptronix Egg Boiler also looks fantastic on your kitchen counter, with a contemporary black and chrome design which will add a touch of character to your kitchen.


  • Boils up to seven delicious eggs at once – a quick and easy way to cook breakfast for the whole family
  • Cooks using steam and a secure boiling rack – preventing eggs from cracking and overcooking
  • 350W stainless steel heating plate heats and cooks quickly and effortlessly
  • Comes complete with Poaching Bowl for perfectly poached eggs in minutes. Use the Bowl to steam vegetables in the Egg Boiler
  • Indicator light lets you know when your eggs are cooked – no more guess work

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