Laptop Battery For Samsung Np- Samsung Np-R518 Samsung Np-R520


Laptop Battery For Samsung Np- Samsung Np-R518 Samsung Np-R520

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Samsung R620 Laptop Battery

This Is A Brand New High Quality Non-Oem Replacement Battery. It Has Been Manufactured With Very High Standards Making It A Safe, Efficient And Long-Lasting Source Of Power For Your Laptop. Stick With A Quality Battery For A Safer & Smarter Power Supply. This Battery Can Be Used To Replace Your Old Battery Or Can Be Kept At Home Or In Your Office As A Spare Battery So You Never Have To Worry About Losing Power When You Need It.

Battery Type:






Number Of Cells:

     6 Cells

Product Type:

     Non-Oem Replacement




     1 Year


     Brand New And Boxed

Safety For Your Laptop
The Battery Is Protected From Overvoltage, Short Circuit And Over Current Hence Providing Safe And Reliable Source Of Power. The Battery Is 100% Original Manufacturer Compatible With Electromagnetic Capability.   
Compatible Part Numbers :
Aa-Pb2Nc3B           Aa-Pb2Nc3W         Aa-Pb2Nc6Aa-Pb2Nc6B           Aa-Pb2Nc6B/E       Aa-Pb2Nc6Waa-Pb2Nx6B           Aa-Pb2Nx6B/E        Aa-Pb2Nx6Waa-Pb2Nx6W/E       Aa-Pb4Nc6B          Aa-Pb4Nc6B/Eaa-Pb4Nc6W          Aa-Pb6Nc6B          Aa-Pb6Nc6B/Eaa-Pb9Nc6B           Aa-Pb9Nc6W         Aa-Pb9Nc6W/Eaa-Pb9Ns6B           Aa-Pb9Ns6W         Aa-Pl2Nc9Baa-Pl2Nc9B/E        Aa-Pl2Nc9W          Aa-Pl9Nc6B          Aa-Pl9Nc6W
Compatible Models : 
Samsung M60 Series   Samsung P Seriessamsung P50Samsung P60Samsung P70Samsung P210Samsung P408Samsung P410Samsung P459Samsung P460Samsung P461Samsung P467Samsung P469Samsung P480Samsung P510Samsung P560   
Samsung Q Series Samsung Q208Samsung Q210Samsung Q308Samsung Q310Samsung Q318Samsung Q320 
Samsung R Series Samsung R39Samsung R40Samsung R41Samsung R45Samsung R45 Prosamsung R60Samsung R65Samsung R65 Prosamsung R70Samsung R408Samsung R410Samsung R423Samsung R428Samsung R429Samsung R430Samsung R439Samsung R440Samsung R458Samsung R460Samsung R462Samsung R463Samsung R464Samsung R465Samsung R466Samsung R467Samsung R468Samsung R470Samsung R478Samsung R480Samsung R505Samsung R507Samsung R509Samsung R510Samsung R518Samsung R520Samsung R522Samsung R530Samsung R560Samsung R580Samsung R590Samsung R610Samsung R620Samsung R700Samsung R710Samsung R718Samsung R720Samsung R728Samsung R730Samsung R780   
Samsung Rv Series Samsung Rv408Samsung Rv410Samsung Rv508Samsung Rv510   
Samsung X Series Samsung X60Samsung X60 Plussamsung X60 Prosamsung X65Samsung X65 Prosamsung X360Samsung X460  
Samsung Np-M60 Series   Samsung Np-P Seriessamsung Np-P50Samsung Np-P60Samsung Np-P70Samsung Np-P210Samsung Np-P408Samsung Np-P410Samsung Np-P459Samsung Np-P460Samsung Np-P461Samsung Np-P467Samsung Np-P469Samsung Np-P480Samsung Np-P510Samsung Np-P560   
Samsung Np-Q Seriessamsung Np-Q208Samsung Np-Q210Samsung Np-Q308Samsung Np-Q310Samsung Np-Q318Samsung Np-Q320   
Samsung Np-R Seriessamsung Np-R39Samsung Np-R40Samsung Np-R40 Plussamsung Np-R41Samsung Np-R45Samsung Np-R45 Prosamsung Np-R60Samsung Np-R65Samsung Np-R65 Prosamsung Np-R70Samsung Np-R408Samsung Np-R410Samsung Np-R423Samsung Np-R428Samsung Np-R429Samsung Np-R430Samsung Np-R439Samsung Np-R440Samsung Np-R458Samsung Np-R460Samsung Np-R462Samsung Np-R463Samsung Np-R464Samsung Np-R465Samsung Np-R466Samsung Np-R467Samsung Np-R468Samsung Np-R470Samsung Np-R478Samsung Np-R480Samsung Np-R505Samsung Np-R507Samsung Np-R509Samsung Np-R510Samsung Np-R518Samsung Np-R520Samsung Np-R522Samsung Np-R530Samsung Np-R560Samsung Np-R580Samsung Np-R590Samsung Np-R610Samsung Np-R620Samsung Np-R700Samsung Np-R710Samsung Np-R718Samsung Np-R720Samsung Np-R728Samsung Np-R730Samsung Np-R780  
Samsung Np-Rv Series Samsung Np-Rv408Samsung Np-Rv410Samsung Np-Rv508Samsung Np-Rv510   
Samsung Np-X Series Samsung Np-X60Samsung Np-X60 Plussamsung Np-X60 Prosamsung Np-X65Samsung Np-X65 Prosamsung Np-X360Samsung Np-X460  
Samsung Nt-M60 Series   
Samsung Nt-P Seriessamsung Nt-P50Samsung Nt-P60Samsung Nt-P70Samsung Nt-P210Samsung Nt-P408Samsung Nt-P410Samsung Nt-P459Samsung Nt-P460Samsung Nt-P461Samsung Nt-P467Samsung Nt-P469Samsung Nt-P480Samsung Nt-P510Samsung Nt-P560   
Samsung Nt-Q Seriessamsung Nt-Q208Samsung Nt-Q210Samsung Nt-Q308Samsung Nt-Q310Samsung Nt-Q318Samsung Nt-Q320   
Samsung Nt-R Series Samsung Nt-R39Samsung Nt-R40Samsung Nt-R40 Plussamsung Nt-R41Samsung Nt-R45Samsung Nt-R45 Prosamsung Nt-R60Samsung Nt-R65Samsung Nt-R65 Prosamsung Nt-R70Samsung Nt-R408Samsung Nt-R410Samsung Nt-R423Samsung Nt-R428Samsung Nt-R429Samsung Nt-R430Samsung Nt-R439Samsung Nt-R440Samsung Nt-R458Samsung Nt-R460Samsung Nt-R462Samsung Nt-R463Samsung Nt-R464Samsung Nt-R465Samsung Nt-R466Samsung Nt-R467Samsung Nt-R468Samsung Nt-R470Samsung Nt-R478Samsung Nt-R480Samsung Nt-R505Samsung Nt-R507Samsung Nt-R509Samsung Nt-R510Samsung Nt-R518Samsung Nt-R520Samsung Nt-R522Samsung Nt-R530Samsung Nt-R560Samsung Nt-R580Samsung Nt-R590Samsung Nt-R610Samsung Nt-R620Samsung Nt-R700Samsung Nt-R710Samsung Nt-R718Samsung Nt-R720Samsung Nt-R728Samsung Nt-R730Samsung Nt-R780  
Samsung Nt-Rv Series Samsung Nt-Rv408Samsung Nt-Rv410Samsung Nt-Rv508Samsung Nt-Rv510   
Samsung Nt-X Series Samsung Nt-X60Samsung Nt-X60 Plussamsung Nt-X60 Prosamsung Nt-X65Samsung Nt-X65 Prosamsung Nt-X360Samsung Nt-X460

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