Laptop Battery For Toshiba Portege R700-S1321 Portege R700-S1322


Laptop Battery For Toshiba Portege R700-S1321 Portege R700-S1322

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This Is A Brand New High Quality Non-Oem Replacement Battery. It Has Been Manufactured With Very High Standards Making It A Safe, Efficient And Long-Lasting Source Of Power For Your Laptop. Stick With A Quality Battery For A Safer & Smarter Power Supply. This Battery Can Be Used To Replace Your Old Battery Or Can Be Kept At Home Or In Your Office As A Spare Battery So You Never Have To Worry About Losing Power When You Need It.

Battery Type:






Number Of Cells:

     6 Cells

Product Type:

     Non-Oem Replacement




     1 Year


     Brand New And Boxed

Safety For Your Laptop
The Battery Is Protected From Overvoltage, Short Circuit And Over Current Hence Providing Safe And Reliable Source Of Power. The Battery Is 100% Original Manufacturer Compatible With Electromagnetic Capability.   
Compatible Part Numbers :
Pa3831U-1Brs, Pa3832U-1Brs, Pa3929U-1Brs, Pabas235, Pabas249, Pabas265Compatible Models
Toshiba Dynabook R741/B    Toshiba Dynabook R730 Series        Dynabook R730/26A, Dynabook R730/27A, Dynabook R730/38A,         Dynabook R730/39A, Dynabook R730/B    Toshiba Dynabook R731 Series        Dynabook R731/16B, Dynabook R731/16C, Dynabook R731/16Db,         Dynabook R731/36B, Dynabook R731/36C, Dynabook R731/36Db,         Dynabook R731/37B, Dynabook R731/37C, Dynabook R731/37Db,         Dynabook R731/38C, Dynabook R731/39B, Dynabook R731/B,         Dynabook R731/C, Dynabook R731/W2Jc, Dynabook R731/W2Mc,         Dynabook R731/W2Md, Dynabook R731/W2Pd, Dynabook R731/W2Tc,         Dynabook R731/W2Td, Dynabook R731/W4Uc, Dynabook R731/W4Ud    Toshiba Dynabook R732 Series        Dynabook R732, Dynabook R732/F, Dynabook R732/W2Tf,         Dynabook R732/W3Tf, Dynabook R732/W4Uf, Dynabook R732/W5Uf    Toshiba Dynabook R742 Series        Dynabook R742, Dynabook R742/F    Toshiba Dynabook Rx3 Series        Dynabook Rx3 Sm226Y/3Hd, Dynabook Rx3 Sm240E/3Hd,         Dynabook Rx3 Sn240Y/3Hd, Dynabook Rx3 Sn266E/3Hd,         Dynabook Rx3 Tm226Y/3Hd, Dynabook Rx3 Tm240E/3Hd,         Dynabook Rx3 Tn240Y/3Hd, Dynabook Rx3 Tn266E/3Hd,         Dynabook Rx3/T6M, Dynabook Rx3/T7M, Dynabook Rx3/T8M,         Dynabook Rx3/T9M, Dynabook Rx3W, Dynabook Rx3W/8Mw,         Dynabook Rx3W/9Mwma    Toshiba Portege R700 Series        Portege R700, Portege R700-01B, Portege R700-02B,         Portege R700-11E, Portege R700-13K, Portege R700-155,         Portege R700-15Q, Portege R700-15R, Portege R700-15T,         Portege R700-15U, Portege R700-15V, Portege R700-15W,         Portege R700-15X, Portege R700-160, Portege R700-172,         Portege R700-173, Portege R700-174, Portege R700-17W,         Portege R700-17X, Portege R700-17Z, Portege R700-181,         Portege R700-182, Portege R700-183, Portege R700-184,         Portege R700-185, Portege R700-194, Portege R700-19H,         Portege R700-19L, Portege R700-1Cq, Portege R700-1Dc,         Portege R700-1Dd, Portege R700-1De, Portege R700-1Df,         Portege R700-1Dg, Portege R700-1Dh, Portege R700-1Dj,         Portege R700-1F3, Portege R700-1F4, Portege R700-1F5,         Portege R700-1F6, Portege R700-1F7, Portege R700-K01,         Portege R700-K02, Portege R700-K03, Portege R700-K05,         Portege R700-Oracle, Portege R700-S1310, Portege R700-S1311,         Portege R700-S1320, Portege R700-S1321, Portege R700-S1322,         Portege R700-S1322W, Portege R700-S1330, Portege R700-S1331,         Portege R700-S1332W    Toshiba Portege R705 Series        Portege R705-P25, Portege R705-P35, Portege R705-P42    Toshiba Portege R830 Series        Portege R830, Portege R830 Pt320A-03N007,         Portege R830 Pt321A-01K002, Portege R830 Pt321A-01L002,         Portege R830 Pt321A-01M002, Portege R830-003,         Portege R830-00R, Portege R830-00S, Portege R830-01G,         Portege R830-01H, Portege R830-01J, Portege R830-01K,         Portege R830-02F, Portege R830-02P, Portege R830-030,         Portege R830-05L, Portege R830-06R, Portege R830-0Ge,         Portege R830-104, Portege R830-10Q, Portege R830-10R,         Portege R830-10U, Portege R830-10V, Portege R830-110,         Portege R830-112, Portege R830-118, Portege R830-11Q,         Portege R830-137, Portege R830-138, Portege R830-139,         Portege R830-13C, Portege R830-17C, Portege R830-195,         Portege R830-1Dx, Portege R830-1Dz, Portege R830-1G2,         Portege R830-1Hd, Portege R830-1Jv, Portege R830-1Jx,         Portege R830-1Jz, Portege R830-1K1, Portege R830-S8310,         Portege R830-S8312, Portege R830-S8320, Portege R830-S8322,         Portege R830-S8330, Portege R830-S8332, Portege R830-St8300    Toshiba Portege R835 Series        Portege R835, Portege R835-P50X, Portege R835-P55X,         Portege R835-P56X, Portege R835-P70, Portege R835-P75,         Portege R835-P81, Portege R835-P83, Portege R835-P84,         Portege R835-P86, Portege R835-St3N01    Toshiba Portege R930 Series        Portege R930, Portege R930-10J, Portege R930-115,         Portege R930-116, Portege R930-117, Portege R930-12Q,         Portege R930-S9320, Portege R930-S9330    Toshiba Portege R935 Series        Portege R935, Portege R935-P326, Portege R935-P330,         Portege R935-P332, Portege R935-St2N01, Portege R935-St2N02    Toshiba Satellite R630 Series        Satellite R630, Satellite R630-102, Satellite R630-12G,         Satellite R630-135, Satellite R630-138, Satellite R630-13F,         Satellite R630-13J, Satellite R630-13R, Satellite R630-13T,         Satellite R630-13V, Satellite R630-141, Satellite R630-144,         Satellite R630-14H, Satellite R630-14J, Satellite R630-14R,         Satellite R630-14X, Satellite R630-155, Satellite R630-156    Toshiba Satellite R830 Series        Satellite R830, Satellite R830-10C, Satellite R830-11C,         Satellite R830-142, Satellite R830-143, Satellite R830-181,         Satellite R830-182, Satellite R830-1E2, Satellite R830-1G0,         Satellite R830-1G1, Satellite R830-1Gz, Satellite R830-1L7    Toshiba Satellite R835 Series        Satellite R835-P81, Satellite R835-P83, Satellite R835-P84,         Satellite R835-P86    Toshiba Satellite R845 Series        Satellite R845, Satellite R845-S80, Satellite R845-S85,         Satellite R845-St5N01, Satellite R845-St6N01    Toshiba Tecra R700 Series        Tecra R700-006, Tecra R700-007, Tecra R700-00C,         Tecra R700-00E, Tecra R700-00F, Tecra R700-00G,         Tecra R700-00H, Tecra R700-00J, Tecra R700-00K,         Tecra R700-00L    Toshiba Tecra R840 Series        Tecra R840, Tecra R840 Pt429A-006004,         Tecra R840 Pt429A-00L004, Tecra R840-002,         Tecra R840-003, Tecra R840-008, Tecra R840-009,         Tecra R840-00G, Tecra R840-00K, Tecra R840-00L,         Tecra R840-00U, Tecra R840-00V, Tecra R840-012,         Tecra R840-017, Tecra R840-01J, Tecra R840-020,         Tecra R840-021, Tecra R840-02X, Tecra R840-04H,         Tecra R840-10N, Tecra R840-10Q, Tecra R840-10Z,         Tecra R840-11E, Tecra R840-12F, Tecra R840-13M,         Tecra R840-14H, Tecra R840-15J, Tecra R840-17Q,         Tecra R840-17R, Tecra R840-198, Tecra R840-199,         Tecra R840-S8410, Tecra R840-S8411, Tecra R840-S8412,         Tecra R840-S8420, Tecra R840-S8422, Tecra R840-S8430,         Tecra R840-S8440, Tecra R840-S8450, Tecra R840-St8400,         Tecra R840-St8401, Tecra R840-St8402    Toshiba Tecra R940 Series        Tecra R940, Tecra R940 Pt439A-00N003,         Tecra R940 Pt439A-00R003, Tecra R940-1D6,         Tecra R940-1Dc

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