Laptronix Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 22.2V 2-n-1 Handheld Upright Bagless Stick VAC


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Item Description
  • Lightweight design can be carried around the house
  • Versatile cleaning for every floor and surface
  • Detachable handheld cleaner gets into hard to reach spots
  • Long lasting Rechargeable Li-ion 2200mAh power for effective cleaning for 40 minutes

Lightweight design

Designed to make cleaning effortless, the cordless Vacuum cleaner has a slim and lightweight design that glides across any floor. At just 2 kg, you can easily carry the vacuum from room to room or up and down stairs, making it the perfect companion for quick and easy cleaning.

Versatile cleaning

Suited for carpets, hard floors and tiles, you can clean every floor in your home without worrying about sacrificing power as you move from one surface to another. With the advanced cleaning reach wand, you can also tackle hard to reach areas above the floor. The compact tool lets you get into all the smaller areas on shelves, in cupboards and on top of cabinets that would otherwise be a hassle to clean.

Detachable handheld cleaner

Cover every surface above the floor easily and without hassle using the handheld mode, which is perfect for hard to reach areas and upholstery or pet bedding. Designed for ease, the Laptronix Vacuum transitions from floor to handheld mode and back in moments.

Enhance the vacuum pick up performance with the powered floor head, which ensures every surface, looks great and is perfect for attaching when in handheld mode to cover the stairs, car and upholstery.

Long lasting power

Charging up in only 5 hours, the cordless vacuum is powered by a Rechargeable Li-ion 2200mAh Lithium Life battery to deliver up to 40 minutes of cleaning power – more than enough to give your home a quick freshen up.

By using the continuous power latch, you don’t have to keep holding the trigger. The latch will lock in power so you can achieve a continuous clean.

Advanced HEPA Filtration

Equipped with an advanced HEPA (High Efficient Particle Arrester) filter, the vacuum effectively traps small dust particles and allergens and prevents them from recirculation back into the room – giving you a cleaner and more hygienic space.

Washable, the HEPA filter offers advanced protection from allergens and irritants – ideal for smaller spaces where there’s little air circulation.

Handy Attachments

The motorised brush effectively agitates carpet fibres to pick up ingrained dust particles and pet hair. Meanwhile, the easy-fit crevice tool gives you the flexibility to clean tight nooks and crannies without overstretching.

The upholstery brush allows you to clean furniture, soft furnishings and curtains with ease. Each attachment easily clips and unclips onto the adjustable metal tube.

Vacuum Measures: 37 X 23 X 104cm (Length X Width X Height)


  • Power(W)         120w, 22.2 V ,
  • Battery             Lithium battery 2200mAh
  • Filtration           HEPA
  • Dust Capacity    0.5L
  • Power cord        Adaptor cord 1.5m
  • Filteration         Cyclone with microfilter inlet
  • Color                Blee and Grey
  • Accessory          Combined crevice nozzle and dusting nozzle, motor brush, aluminium tube,    hanger/base, adapter
  • Speed              Two level  (low, high , switch)


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