Laptronix Instant Hot Water Dispenser Boiler 2.5L Kettle Machine 2600W – Black


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Item Description

Instant Hot Water

Laptronix Hot Water Dispenser gives you the freedom to boil the exact amount of water you need. Not only will you save electricity and money, but also on unnecessary waiting around – perfect when you simply can’t wait for a piping hot beverage! This smart kitchen appliance draws water from the tank and through a powerful concealed 2.6kW heating element. The result? Water boiled to at least 95°C in just a matter of seconds.

Efficient Operation

The instant hot water dispenser will begin dispensing hot water within 5 to 8 seconds into a cup or mug below its spout. It will continue to dispense hot water at a rate of approximately 400 – 500ml per minute. Generally though, a regular mug of tea or coffee would be ready within about 25 – 30 seconds.

New Technology with Ease of Use

Laptronix Instant Hot Water Dispenser will be easier to use than your old kettle. With this handy machine there is no need to lift heavy kettles back and forth from the sink waiting for them to boil. Simply press the button on the top of the machine for instant water dispensing. Switch the button to ‘Off’ when you’re done, to immediately stop the flow of water. You’re always in complete control.

This functionality also prevents water from being dispensed accidently, making the Hot Water Dispenser ultra-safe to use. The Hot Water Dispenser can be filled in one of two ways; flip the lid open and pour water in using the included FREE 1L jug, or remove the tank and fill at the sink .

Smart Size

The Dispenser features a large 2.5 litre tank which holds enough water for up to 10 cups, making it a great investment for the family home or workplace. Transparent design with water level markers let you see exactly how full the tank is. Drip tray with slide off design for safer, easier emptying. Dispense and stop hot water by on/off button, easy for operation.

Stylish Design

Great Black with Chrome design makes a stylish addition to your kitchen counter top.


  • Large 2.5L Removable Water Tank
  • Double safety device with 2 stage on/off switch
  • Dispense and stop instant hot water using one switch
  • Can hold enough hot water for around 10 average cups
  • Water tank can be refilled without moving the machine as the tank is removable
  • Can produce 400-500ml per minute.
  • Transparent water tank with clear water level markings
  • Detachable drip water tray for easy cleaning
  • Chrome Detailing
  • Dimensions: 18cm (L) x 26cm (W) 31cm (H) Weight: 2.2kg


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