Laptronix Manual Lawnmower Grass Cutter Hand Cylinder Mower Hand Push 30cm Width


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Laptronix eco-friendly lightweight and easy to push cylinder lawnmower is ideal for the smaller gardens. Without the need of mains, battery or petrol this is the most eco-friendly lawnmower you will find. This mower has no potentially dangerous trailing wires, it has no noisy motors so will cut grass silently and has no hidden extra costs as it doesn’t use petrol or electricity.  It is so easy to use with its large wheels; comfort grip and the lightweight design allows almost anyone to use it and means it is easy to manoeuvre around smaller grassed areas.

The cylinder contains 5 metal cylinder blades which cut your grass like scissors, leaving a clean cut which enables your lawn to recover quickly, ensuring a healthy lawn.


  • Durable and lightweight
  • Push reel manual lawn mower
  • No need for electrics and easy to manage on small lawns
  • Four-bladed cylinder cuts the grass in a scissor-style cut
  • Simple and quick cleaning up your lawn
  • Great option for easy, high-quality lawn maintenance
  • Hand cylinder Enough collection capacity
  • 4 height positions to choose from ranging from 1.3cm – 4.5cm.
  • Cutting width: Approx.30cm/11.8 “
  • Type: Hand cylinder
  • Enough 23L grass collection capacity
  • G.W.: 7.98 Kg/17.56 Lb
  • Colour: Green
  • Weight 6.4kg.


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