Laptronix Wall Mounted Electric PTC Heater Remote Control Timer 2kw High Level


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Item Description

This new Laptronix PTC heater is an elegant PTC wall mounted heater, ideal for heating premises up to a size of 22 m³.

Unlike a lot of other heaters, the Laptronix PTC heater succeeds in providing energy efficiency and a pleasant visual presence with its elegant silver colour and digital controls. Its elegant look ensures that living areas are enhanced. The 2000W power is controlled with the remote control and digital panel controls, aided by a large blue backlit LCD display, allowing you to get the perfect temperature according to the season and personal preference.

There are a number of heating programmes available with this heater

The Laptronix heater can be wall mounted, saving precious space. Mounting hardware is included in the deal.

Top Features :

Wall Mounted PTC heater with 2000W power for heating Living room Bedroom and conservatories
Automatic oscillating louvres
Remote Control to operate the heater while anywhere in the room
Ideal for room sizes up to max. 22 m³
Various heating modes – design a 24 hour timer-control
Suitable for wall mounting – mounting hardware included

Other Features:

Economical programme for heating to a desired temperature and maintaining that temperature
Adjustable temperature range: 16 to 40°C
Automatic temperature control
Low noise – effectively silent operation
Easy, convenient operation
Power supply: 230V, 50Hz

Package Include :

1 x Heater
1 x Remote Control
Mounting hardware for wall mounting
1 x English user manual
Dimensions & Weight:

(W x H x D) (61.5 x 21 x 12.5cm)
Weight: approx. 21.6 pounds (9.8kg)


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