Premium White Slow Cooker 3.5L Pot + Removable Ceramic Inner Bowl Steam Grill


Premium White Slow Cooker 3.5L Pot + Removable Ceramic Inner Bowl Steam Grill

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Make delicious meals such as stews, curries, soups and broths with a minimum of fuss using the Laptronix Slow Cooker. Simply place the ingredients in the cooker, select the desired setting and leave it unattended to produce delicious meals while you get on with your normal daily routine. Cooking with a slow cooker will produce economical and delicious dishes as it tenderizes cheaper cuts of meat.The slow cooking process traps the condensation which then acts as a self-baster, so traditionally tough cuts of meat become more tender and succulent. The process also prevents the water from escaping and help keeps all the nutrients locked into your dish meaning food such as vegetables absorb stocks and spices making them healthy as well as giving them a fuller flavour. Economical to use as the slow cooker benefits from low energy consumption compared with standard ovens, saving you money and reducing your energy usage. The slow cooker is ideal for professional and amateur cooks as you do not have to worry about overcooking your food; you can view the cooking process through the tempered glass lid.The 3.5 Litre Capacity is enough for 8 – 10 average sized servings which makes it more than adequate for a family meal. The slow cooker features three power settings, High for quick cooking over 4 to 5 hours, Low for slow cooking over 8 to 9 hours and an Auto setting which starts on high and automatically reduces to low, once temperature is reached making it ideal for frozen food.The removable inner ceramic bowl retains the heat making it ideal for transporting the food straight to the table ready for serving. The non-stick properties of the ceramic bowl enable it to be easily cleaned, even after 8 hours of cooking. Cool touch handles for easy transportation prevent the risk of burning and the slow cooker has an easy to clean black stainless steel exterior.


3.5L capacity, suitable for large quantities
High, Low and Auto settings
Economical with low energy consumption
Turn cheap cuts of meat into delicious tender morsels
Glass lid; view food without letting heat escape
Cool touch handles
Non-stick easy clean lead-free ceramic inner bowl

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