ToolTronix 35pc Router Bits Set TCT Tungsten Carbide Tipped 6.35mm 1/4″ Shank


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This fully comprehensive 35 Pieces of Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT) router bit set from ToolTronix has everything you need to take your carpentry skills to another level.

Allowing you to cut, trim and shape chipboard, MDF and hardwood, the 35 piece set of saw bits with universal fittings can be used with most types of router.

Whether you’re using an industrial router or compact model, this specialised set will enable you to unlock endless decorative possibilities.

To keep all of your fittings in order, the set comes in a tough aluminium carrying case with twin-clasp closures. Inside, you’ll find assorted sizes of: core box, ‘V’ groove, round nose, mortising, dovetailing, straight, panel pilot, flush trim, chamfer, cove, rebate, classical cove, wave edge, beading, roman ogee, and rounding over router cutter bits.

6.35mm (1/4″) Shank
TCT Cutters (Tungsten Carbide Tipped — for long life)
Sealed bearings for smooth cutting
Precision engineered for a cleaner cut
Suitable for chipboard, MDF, softwood, hardwood + more   
Aluminium carry case features handle and twin-clasp closures

Bits Included:

Straight Bit 1/8″                                       
Straight Bit 1/4″                                  
Straight Bit 1/2″×1  
Straight Bit 1/2×3/4                                                            
Straight Bit 3/8″                                                                           
Straight Bit 3/4″                                              
Core Box Bit R1/8″                                                
ore Box Bit R1/4″                                            
Flush Trim 3/8″x1/2″                                 
Flush Trim Bi 3/8″x1″                                     
Flush Trim Bit 1/2″x1/2″                                                               
Flush Trim Bit 1/2″x1/1″                                                              
Flush Trim Bit 3/4″                                                                
Chamfer Bit 1/2″                                             
Roman Ogee Bit R5/32″                               
Roman Ogee Bit R1/4″                               
Cove Bit R1/4″                                                
Cove Bit R3/8″                                                                                            
Wave Edge Bit R3/16″                                                         
Dovetail Bit 1/2″                                               
Dovetail Bit 9/16″                                              
Mortising Bit 1/2″                                           
Round Nose Bit 1/2″                                      
90°v” Grooving Bit 1/2″                                   
Panel Pilot Bit 1/4″                                         
Round Over Bit R1/4″                                   
Round Over Bit R3/8″                                                            
Round Over Bit R1/2″                                     
Slot cutter Bit 1/4″                                           
Slot cutter Bit 5/16″                                     
Slot cutter Bit 3/8″                                             
Beading Bit R1/2″


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