ToolTronix Hot Air Heat Gun 2000W with 4 Nozzles Included


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The hot air heat gun with adjustable temperature control is designed for paint stripping, loosening rusted bolts and nuts, removing vinyl floor tiles and its even ideal for thawing frozen water pipes. This robust heat gun has an ergonomically designed handle to ensure easier and more comfortable use over a prolonged period of time, while the removable front ring allows you to work more easily in tighter corners and hard to reach areas.

Removal of paint, stickers, glue, etc.
Forming of plastic pipe
Shrinking and welding of plastics
Loosen rusted bolts and nuts
Thawing water pipes
Removing vinyl floor tiles
Soldering etc

230-240V~, 50Hz, 2000W,BS plug
Temperature adjustment from 60-550°C
I: 60°C, 250l/min
II: 60-550°C, 550l/min
Cable length: 1.8m

Packing Includes:
LAPTRONIX 2000W hot air heat gun
Incl. accessories:
1pc reflector nozzle(A)
1pc cone nozzle(B)
1pc fishtail nozzle(C)
1pc glass protector nozzle(D)

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Weight 999 g


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