16V 3.75A F Sony Vaio Vgn Laptop Ac Adapter Charger Ps Includng 3 Pin Uk Ac Plug


16V 3.75A F Sony Vaio Vgn Laptop Ac Adapter Charger Ps Includng 3 Pin Uk Ac Plug

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16V 4A 65W Laptop Charger Ac Adapter Power Supply

A Brand New Replacement Item Manufactured With High Standards Making It A Safe And Reliable Source Of Power For Your Laptop Or Netbook. Our Chargers Are Safety Tested In The Uk. It Can Be Used To Replace Your Old Adaptor Or As A Spare So You Never Have To Worry About Losing Power When You Need It!   Safety Tips : For Indoor Use Only. Switch Off Item From The Plug When Not In Use. Unplug The Item If You Are Away From It For A Long Period Of Time. Do Not Use In The Bathroom. Avoid Plugging/Unplugging With Wet Hands. Do Not Use With Damaged Sockets. Ensure Ac Plug Is Fitted With Correct Amperage Fuse. Item Imported By Adil-Skee Ventures, Coventry. Tested For Uk Safety Standards By Cass Industries, Manchester (Ce Approved Tester).

Technical Details

 Charger Type:
 Uk Mains (3 Pin Clover Type Power Lead Included)

 Power Provided
 65 Watts

 Input Voltage
 100V Р240V

 Output Voltage

 Output Current


 Product Type
 Non-Oem Replacement


 Connector Size
 6.5Mm X 4.4Mm

Compatible Models :

Sony Vaio
Pcg1-181L, Pcg-3102, Pcg-3112, Pcg-3122, Pcg-3192, Pcg-3212, Pcg-321A, Pcg-322B, Pcg-325A, Pcg-431L, Pcg-432L, Pcg-441L, Pcg-461L, Pcg-462L, Pcg-462M, Pcg-481L, Pcg-481M, Pcg-491L, Pcg-492L, Pcg-4A1L, Pcg-4B1L, Pcg-500, Pcg-505, Pcg-505E, Pcg-505Ex, Pcg-505F, Pcg-505Fx, Pcg-505G, Pcg-505Gx, Pcg-505Ls, Pcg-505Sn, Pcg-505Tr, Pcg-505Ts, Pcg-505Tx, Pcg-505V, Pcg-505X, Pcg-51Al, Pcg-531A, Pcg-532A, Pcg-551L, Pcg-561L, Pcg-571A, Pcg-571N, Pcg-581L, Pcg-581M, Pcg-582M, Pcg-591L, Pcg-5A1M, Pcg-661L, Pcg-661M, Pcg-661R, Pcg-671L, Pcg-672R, Pcg-681L, Pcg-682L, Pcg-691L, Pcg-6B1L, Pcg-6B2L, Pcg-6N2M, Pcg-705, Pcg-705C, Pcg-705E, Pcg-711, Pcg-C1F, Pcg-C1Mgp, Pcg-C1Mhp, Pcg-C1Vg, Pcg-C1Vxs, Pcg-C1X, Pcg-Gr, Pcg-Gr114Ek, Pcg-Gr114Mk, Pcg-Gr114Sk, Pcg-Gr150K, Pcg-Gr170K, Pcg-Gr214Ep, Pcg-Gr214Mp, Pcg-Gr215Mp, Pcg-Gr215Sk, Pcg-Gr215Sp, Pcg-Gr230, Pcg-Gr250, Pcg-Gr250K, Pcg-Gr250P, Pcg-Gr270, Pcg-Gr270K, Pcg-Gr270P, Pcg-Gr290, Pcg-Gr290K, Pcg-Gr290P, Pcg-Gr300, Pcg-Gr300K, Pcg-Gr314Mp, Pcg-Gr315Mp, Pcg-Gr370, Pcg-Gr370K, Pcg-Gr370P, Pcg-Gr390, Pcg-Gr390K, Pcg-Gr390P, Pcg-Gr4141Sk, Pcg-Gr414Sk, Pcg-Gr414Sp, Pcg-Gr615Sp, Pcg-Sr11K, Pcg-Sr17, Pcg-Sr17K, Pcg-Sr1K, Pcg-Sr21K, Pcg-Sr27K, Pcg-Sr31K, Pcg-Sr33, Pcg-Sr5K, Pcg-Sr7K, Pcg-Sr9, Pcg-Srx, Pcg-Srx41P, Pcg-Srx51P, Pcg-Srx51Pa, Pcg-Srx51Pb, Pcg-Srx77, Pcg-Srx77P, Pcg-Srx87, Pcg-Srx87P, Pcg-Srx99, Pcg-Srx99K, Pcg-Srx99P, Pcg-Tr, Pcg-Tr1, Pcg-Tr1/A, Pcg-Tr1/Ap, Pcg-Tr1/B, Pcg-Tr1/P, Pcg-Tr1A, Pcg-Tr1Ap, Pcg-Tr1Mp, Pcg-Tr2, Pcg-Tr2/A, Pcg-Tr2/Ap1, Pcg-Tr2/B, Pcg-Tr2/P, Pcg-Tr2E, Pcg-Tr2Mp, Pcg-Tr3, Pcg-Tr3/B, Pcg-Tr3/Sp, Pcg-Tr3A, Pcg-Tr3Ap1, Pcg-Tr3Ap2, Pcg-Tr3Ap3, Pcg-Tr3E/B, Pcg-Tr5Ap, Pcg-Tr5B, Pcg-Tr5Mp, Pcg-U1, Pcg-U3, Pcg-U3/P, Pcg-V505, Pcg-V505 Cto, Pcg-V505A, Pcg-V505Ac, Pcg-V505Ak, Pcg-V505Ap, Pcg-V505Ax, Pcg-V505Axp, Pcg-V505B, Pcg-V505Bp, Pcg-V505Bx, Pcg-V505Bxp, Pcg-V505Cp, Pcg-V505D, Pcg-V505Dc1, Pcg-V505Dmh, Pcg-V505Dp, Pcg-V505Dx, Pcg-V505Dxp, Pcg-V505Ecp, Pcg-V505Ex, Pcg-V505Mp, Pcg-V505P, Pcg-V505Pb, Pcg-V505R, Pcg-Vx71P, Pcg-Vx88, Pcg-Vx88P, Pcg-Vx89, Pcg-Vx89K, Pcg-Vx89K1, Pcg-Vx89P, Pcg-X505, Pcg-X505/Cp, Pcg-X505/P, Pcg-X505/Sp, Pcg-Z1, Pcg-Z1A, Pcg-Z1A1, Pcg-Z1Ap1, Pcg-Z1Ap2, Pcg-Z1Ap3, Pcg-Z1Dmh, Pcg-Z1M, Pcg-Z1Ra, Pcg-Z1Rap1, Pcg-Z1Rap1Kitb, Pcg-Z1Rap2, Pcg-Z1Rap3, Pcg-Z1Rmp, Pcg-Z1Rsp, Pcg-Z1Va, Pcg-Z1Vap, Pcg-Z1Vap1, Pcg-Z1Vap1Kitb, Pcg-Z1Vap2, Pcg-Z1Vfp, Pcg-Z1Wa, Pcg-Z1Xmp, Pcg-Z1Xsp, Vgn-B, Vgn-B100, Vgn-B100B, Vgn-B100B05, Vgn-B100B07, Vgn-B100B11C, Vgn-B100B23, Vgn-B1Vp, Vgn-B1Xp, Vgn-B3Vp, Vgn-B3Xp, Vgn-B90Ps, Vgn-B90Psy1, Vgn-B90Psy2, Vgn-B90Psy3, Vgn-B90Psy4, Vgn-B90Psy5, Vgn-B90Psy6, Vgn-B90Psya, Vgn-B90Psyb, Vgn-G11Vn/T, Vgn-G11Xn/B, Vgn-S1, Vgn-S150, Vgn-S150/P, Vgn-S150F, Vgn-S150Fp, Vgn-S150P, Vgn-S155, Vgn-S16Gp, Vgn-S170, Vgn-S170B, Vgn-S170F, Vgn-S170P, Vgn-S170Pvnc, Vgn-S175, Vgn-S18Gp, Vgn-S1Hp, Vgn-S2, Vgn-S240P, Vgn-S250F, Vgn-S250Fp, Vgn-S260, Vgn-S260Kit1, Vgn-S260P, Vgn-S265, Vgn-S270, Vgn-S270B, Vgn-S270F, Vgn-S270P, Vgn-S270Pkit1, Vgn-S28Gp, Vgn-S2Hp, Vgn-S2Xp, Vgn-S3, Vgn-S350F, Vgn-S350Fp, Vgn-S350P, Vgn-S360, Vgn-S360P, Vgn-S36Tp/S, Vgn-S370F, Vgn-S5, Vgn-S50B, Vgn-S51B, Vgn-S52B/S, Vgn-S6, Vgn-S62S/S, Vgn-S7, Vgn-S70B, Vgn-S71Pb, Vgn-S72Pb/B, Vgn-S9, Vgn-S90Ps, Vgn-S90Psy1, Vgn-S90Psy2, Vgn-S90Psy3, Vgn-S90Psy4, Vgn-S90Psy5, Vgn-S90Psy6, Vgn-S91Psy1, Vgn-S91Psy2, Vgn-S91Psy3, Vgn-S91Psy4, Vgn-S91Psy5, Vgn-S91Psy6, Vgn-S92S/S, Vgn-T, Vgn-T1, Vgn-T130Fp, Vgn-T140, Vgn-T140P/L, Vgn-T140P/Lkit2, Vgn-T140Pl, Vgn-T150, Vgn-T150/L, Vgn-T150/Lkit2, Vgn-T150P/L, Vgn-T150P/Lkit2, Vgn-T150P/T, Vgn-T155, Vgn-T160, Vgn-T160P/L, Vgn-T160P/Lkit2, Vgn-T170, Vgn-T170P/L, Vgn-T170Pl, Vgn-T1Xp, Vgn-T1Xp/L, Vgn-T1Xp/T, Vgn-T240, Vgn-T240P, Vgn-T240P/L, Vgn-T250, Vgn-T250/L, Vgn-T250P/L, Vgn-T250P/S, Vgn-T260, Vgn-T260P, Vgn-T260P/L, Vgn-T270, Vgn-T270P, Vgn-T270P/L, Vgn-T27Tp, Vgn-T2P/L, Vgn-T2Xp, Vgn-T2Xp/L, Vgn-T2Xp/S, Vgn-T2Xrp/S, Vgn-T340, Vgn-T340P, Vgn-T340P/L, Vgn-T350, Vgn-T350/L, Vgn-T350P, Vgn-T350P/L, Vgn-T350P/S, Vgn-T350P/T, Vgn-T360, Vgn-T360/L, Vgn-T360P, Vgn-T360P/L, Vgn-T370, Vgn-T370P, Vgn-T370P/L, Vgn-T50B/L, Vgn-T50B/T, Vgn-T70B/L, Vgn-T90Ps, Vgn-T90Psy1, Vgn-T90Psy2, Vgn-T90Psy3, Vgn-T90Psy4, Vgn-T90Psy5, Vgn-T90Psy6, Vgn-T90S, Vgn-Tx, Vgn-Tx15C/W, Vgn-Tx16Sp/W, Vgn-Tx17Gp/B, Vgn-Tx1Hp, Vgn-Tx1Hp/W, Vgn-Tx1Xp/B, Vgn-Tx1Xp/L, Vgn-Tx2Hp/W, Vgn-Tx2Xp, Vgn-Tx3-Exc-B2Cm, Vgn-Tx3-Exc-B2Ct, Vgn-Tx3Hp/B, Vgn-Tx3Hp/L, Vgn-Tx3Hp/W, Vgn-Tx3Xp/B, Vgn-Tx3Xpl-Cktx2, Vgn-Tx50B/B, Vgn-Tx51B/B, Vgn-Tx5Mn/W, Vgn-Tx5Vn/L, Vgn-Tx5Xn/B, Vgn-Tx610, Vgn-Tx610P/B, Vgn-Tx630, Vgn-Tx630P/B, Vgn-Tx650, Vgn-Tx650P/B, Vgn-Tx651, Vgn-Tx651P/B, Vgn-Tx670, Vgn-Tx670P/B, Vgn-Tx670P/Bkit1, Vgn-Tx670P/W, Gn-Tx670P/Wkit1, Vgn-Tx690, Vgn-Tx690P/L, Vgn-Tx750, Vgn-Tx750P/B, Vgn-Tx770, Vgn-Tx770P/W, Vgn-Tx770Pwk1, Vgn-Tx790, Vgn-Tx790P/L, Vgn-Tx790Pk1, Vgn-Tx90Ps, Vgn-Tx90S, Vgn-Txn15P, Vgn-Txn17P/L, Vgn-Txn19P/L, Vgn-Txn25N, Vgn-Txn27N, Vgn-Txn29N/L, Vgn-Tz11Mn/N, Vgn-Tz11Vn/X, Vgn-Tz11Xn/B, Vgn-Tz21Mn/N, Vgn-Tz21Vn/R, Vgn-Tz21Vn/X, Vgn-Tz21Wn/B, Vgn-U, Vgn-U50, Vgn-U70P, Vgn-U71P, Vgn-U750, Vgn-U750P, Vgn-U8, Vgn-U8C, Vgn-U8G, Vgn-Ux1Xn, Vgn-X505, Vgn-X505/Zp, Vgn-X505Vp, Vgn-X505Zp

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