19V – 3.95A Power Supply For Toshiba Equium Laptop Uk With Lead


19V – 3.95A Power Supply For Toshiba Equium Laptop Uk With Lead


19.0V 3.95A 75W Laptop Charger Ac Adapter Power Supply With Lead

A Brand New Replacement Item Manufactured With High Standards Making It A Safe And Reliable Source Of Power For Your Laptop Or Netbook. Our Chargers Are Safety Tested In The Uk. It Can Be Used To Replace Your Old Adaptor Or As A Spare So You Never Have To Worry About Losing Power When You Need It!   Safety Tips : For Indoor Use Only. Switch Off Item From The Plug When Not In Use. Unplug The Item If You Are Away From It For A Long Period Of Time. Do Not Use In The Bathroom. Avoid Plugging/Unplugging With Wet Hands. Do Not Use With Damaged Sockets. Ensure Ac Plug Is Fitted With Correct Amperage Fuse. Item Imported By Adil-Skee Ventures, Coventry. Tested For Uk Safety Standards By Cass Industries, Manchester (Ce Approved Tester).

Technical Details

 Charger Type:
 Uk Mains (3 Pin Clover Type Power Lead Included)

 Power Provided
 75 Watts

 Input Voltage
 100V Р240V

 Output Voltage

 Output Current


 Product Type
 Non-Oem Replacement

 Connector Size
 5.5Mm X 2.5Mm




Compatible Laptop Models:
Toshiba Satellite A100 Series:
A100 A100-153, A100-155, A100-158, A100-159, A100-161, A100-163, A100-165, A100-166 A100-168, A100-169, A100-170, A100-175, A100-181, A100-188, A100-192, A100-193 A100-209, A100-212, A100-218, A100-220, A100-232, A100-233, A100-234, A100-237 A100-250, A100-252, A100-253, A100-269, A100-270, A100-500, A100-507, A100-508 A100-510, A100-521, A100-522, A100-523, A100-525, A100-528, A100-529, A100-533 A100-534, A100-551, A100-Jh2, A100-Le1, A100-Le4, A100-Le6, A100-St3211 A100-S2211Td, A100-S2311Td, A100-S8111Td, A100-St2311, A100-St8211, A100-Sp621
Toshiba Satellite A105 Series: A105 A105-S101, A105-S1012, A105-S1013, A105- S1014 A105-S171, A105-S1712 A105-S271, A105-S2711, A105-S2712, A105-S2713, A105-S2716, A105-S2717, A105-S2719 A105-S2001, A105-S2011, A105-S2021, A105-S2031, A105-S2051, A105-S2061, A105-S2081, A105-S2091, A105-S2111, A105-S361, A105-S3611
Toshiba Satellite M40X Series:
M40X-105 M40X-112 M40X-115 M40X-116 M40X-119 M40X-129 M40X-142 M40X-159 M40X-161 M40X-163 M40X-166 M40X-168 M40X-169 M40X-175 M40X-183 M40X-183 M40X-184 M40X-231 M40X-250 M40X-251
Toshiba Satellite M60 Series:
M60, M60-103 M60-104 M60-105 M60-112 M60-126 M60-128 M60-131 M60-132 M60-134 M60-139 M60-144 M60-148 M60-149 M60-153 M60-154 M60-16 M60-163 M60-164 M60-167 M60-169 M60-170 M60-171 M60-175 M60-176 M60-Bk3 M60-Cd4 M60- Cd6 M60-Cd7 M60-S811St M60-S6111Td M60-S8112 M60-S8112Td
Toshiba Satellite M65 Series:
M65-S809 M65-S909 M65-S8091 M65-S9062 M65-S9063 M65-S9064 M65-S9065 M65-S9091 M65-S9092 M65-S9093 M65-Sp811 M65-Sp959
Toshiba Equium:
Toshiba Equium A100 Series Toshiba Equium A110 Series Toshiba Equium L100 Series Toshiba Equium M70 Series
Toshiba Dynabook:
Toshiba Dynabook Ax Series Toshiba Dynabook Cx Series Toshiba Dynabook Tx Series Toshiba Dynabook V Series
Toshiba Satellite:
1105 Series 1100 Series 1115 Series 1130 Series 1135 Series 1900 Series 1950 Series 2430 Series 2435 Series A110 Series L100 Series L30 Series L40 Series M70 Serie
Toshiba Satellite Pro:
Toshiba Satellite Pro L100 Toshiba Satellite Pro M50 Toshiba Satellite Pro M70 
Compatible Part Numbers:
Ap14Ad33 (Pa3468E-1Ac3) Pa3468U-1Aca Pa3468E-1Aca Pa3432U-1Aca Pa3432U-1Ac3 Pa3432E-1Aca Pa3432E-1Ac3 Pa3380U-1Aca Pa3380E-1Aca Pa3032U-1Aca Pa3097U-1Aca Pa3165U-1Aca Pa-1750-04 Pa-1750-01 K000027270 K000004120 Api1Ad43 Adp-90Fb Adp-75Fb-A Pa3468U Pa3468E

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