Laptronix 1000W Mini Chopper Food Processor Electric Ice Vegetable Cutter Dicer


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Laptronix 300W mini food processor/chopper is easy to use and powerful enough to grind vegetables, meat and ice. It’s easy to use and clean and have large enough bowl with 600ml processing capacity.

300W Motor – This food processor chops any food products in seconds. Power of 300 watts will be enough to turn any ingredient into a homogeneous puree.

600ml Bowl Capacity – The large capacity of the bowl will be enough to accommodate the products for a salad for 2-4 family members. Such a blender is suitable for lovers of healthy eating, who want to eat nutritious and delicious salads every day.

Stainless Steel Blades – The chopper knives are made of high-quality material and have the form of a helicopter propeller. They grind large solid pieces of fruit or vegetables, meat or ice. Thanks to stainless steel, Laptronix vegetable chopper helps to cope even with the hardest work and will serve for a long time.

Easy to Use – The vegetable chopper is pretty simple at work. To grind the products, you need to load them into the bowl, press the button and hold it until the ingredients are chopped properly.
If you want to chop up pieces of meat, walnuts or ice, then there may not be needed to buy various appliances designed for this. The power of Laptronix mini chopper makes it possible to cope with even the hardest products, which will be difficult to grind with hand blenders electric or vegetable cutter. It is also perfect for slicing soft cheese, thanks to its sharp knives. In a few minutes, you will get an almost ready salad or a puree.

Easy to Clean
After each use, this food blender needs to be easily cleaned from the remnants of the products. All you need to do is rinse the bowl and blade with water. All the details of the vegetable chopper/blender are convenient to disassemble and assemble and the washing process will not take much time.

Useful Bowl
The volume of this nicer dicer allows you to get a reasonable portion of salad, which will only be seasoned. You can forget about the long cutting of several products on your favourite salad because such mini food processors can do it instead of you and contain 600 ml of crushed vegetables or fruits. A reliable plastic bowl has a special shockproof property that will keep your vegetable cutter in its original form for many years.

Easy to Operate
This electric grater does not contain a lot of buttons and obscure indicators. Working with this is very easy and enjoyable. After you have placed all the necessary ingredients in the bowl, close it tightly and turn the lid. The motor will start and the blades will begin to grind the products. The longer you hold the lid, the smaller the pieces. With this function of this onion chopper, you can adjust the desired size of the chopped pieces. Once you get the desired state of the products, release the lid and open it for further cooking.


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