Laptronix 15L Ash VAC Vacuum Cleaner Fireplaces BBQ’s Fire Pits Dirt Collector


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The Laptronix Ash Vacuum Cleaner is custom-built for  collecting ash & debris when cleaning fireplaces, wood & coal burning stoves, open fires, BBQ pits, charcoal grills, Chimney’s etc. (not for removing chimney soot). Minimises dust and maximises cleaning.

This 15 litre Ash vacuum cleaner has been manufactured with advanced high-quality two-layer HEPA filtration system which traps even the smallest of ash particles. This makes it ideal for clearing ash and fine debris.

The powerful 600 watt motor is great for use on open fires, wood stoves and BBQ’s – and its lightweight design means it is easily manoeuvrable to where you need it to be.

The powerful suction performance prevents the spread of fine ash around your home or garden. Doing away with the need for dust sheets or the extra time cleaning up after the job.

With specialist heat resistant design features, soot and ash residues are captured safely and remain sealed within the tank.


  • Perfect for use on charcoal BBQ’s, open fires, fireplaces and wood & coal burning stoves
  • Advanced two-layer HEPA filtration system traps even the smallest of ash particles
  • Lightweight design
  • 15 Litre tank is enough for a small to medium size ash collection
  • 600W Powerful motor
  • Heat resistant for enhanced safety
  • One Year Manufacturer Warranty


1pc HEPA filter, 1pc fire proof hosepips Φ36.5 x 1m, 1pc alu tube Φ34 x 23cm, 1.2m power cable with BS plug


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