Laptronix Electric Shoe Dryer Sports Wet Feet warmer Disinfectant Wall Mounted


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Laptronix 350-watt strong shoe dryer blows hot air through 4 hoses to make 2 pairs of sodden shoes wearable again, in just a short amount of time. The duration of heating time can be set via the time for up to 120 minutes.


Laptronix shoe dryer not only helps you to avoid having to change footwear all the time, but also prevents odour and bacterial growth, which in turn increases the lifespan of your footwear and prevents unnecessary new purchases.


More is possible beyond just effectively drying shoes or boots. It is self-evident that the hot air produced by the shoe dryer can also be used to efficiently and quickly dry wet clothes, such as gloves, scarves, ski pants or caps.


Laptronix shoe dryer can be used to warm up your shoes before heading out into the cold, so that your first step into the cold weather is one with warm feet, enter the cold season with a warm feeling.


The Laptronix shoe dryer captivates its audience with its slim and, above all, compact design housed in a white plastic body. With a weight of 1.3 kg, it is easy to mount it on the wall so that it doesn’t rob any floor space in the cloakroom. Shoe dryer is also handy and portable to move arround in the house to any room you want to use it in.


  • Power:350W
  • Water proof IP23                                               
  • Wall  mounted                                         
  • With 2h timers                                         
  • With 4 hose: 55 cm                           
  • Product size:23 5x 175 x 385mm


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