Tootltronix 2000W Electric BBQ Charcoal Lighter Garden Fire Starter Firelighter


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ToolTronix electric Firelighter Charcoal BBQ lighter is guaranteed to light all solid fuels including coal wood, smokeless fuel. It can take as little as a couple of minutes to do it. The secret is in its powerful, concentrated heat. You just position the Firelighter and switch on. A built-in fan effectively directs the heat so that the fuel quickly reaches burning point. Once it’s alight you switch off the heat and just let the fan blow away until the fire is really well away, just like bellows.

As a safety precaution the heating element on the Charcoal BBQ Fire Lighter can only be switched on by a special removable safety key. The sturdy yet lightweight Charcoal BBQ Fire Lighter has a rigid handle for stability and is easily pointed to the correct angle for your fire.

A major advantage when lighting barbecues is that the ToolTronix Lighter produces clean heat without any odour, unlike liquid or chemical lighters, no chemical flavour is transferred to the food and the barbecue is ready to cook much quicker.

When gardening, the ToolTronix Lighter eliminates the trouble associated with lighting your garden incinerator, simply load up the refuse and switch on the ToolTronix Lighter  – no smoke in your eyes or chasing paper around the lawn, and it’s amazing how much more you can burn!


It is strongly recommend that the ToolTronix Lighter is always attended during use.

The ToolTronix Lighter ignites fuel by means of hot air, the temperature of which has been raised by passing over a heated element. The temperature attained by the air is sufficiently high to ignite all domestic fuels. Ignition of fuel is not immediate and will vary from some two minutes for coal to about 10 minutes for hard coke. It is difficult to give ignition times for different fuels as these depend upon many factors including of course, the dampness of the fuel. After you have been using the ToolTronix Lighter for a while you will discover a way of using it best suited to your application.

It must be appreciated that extremely high temperatures, quite possibly in the region of 1500°C can be achieved in the immediate vicinity of the nozzle when the fuel has ignited, and to ensure a reasonable nozzle life it is important that the nozzle be withdrawn from the fuel as soon as possible.

Please note:- During use the tube and nozzle of the ToolTronix Lighter will discolour, this is quite normal.


  • 2000W Charcoal Lighter
  • Voltage/Frequency:230V~50Hz      
  • Rate Power:2000W                                  
  • Temperature/Air volume:
  • I: 60℃, 550L/min
  • II:600℃,550L/min                    
  • BS Plug, 2m Power Cord
  • Product size: 46×9.5x7cm
  • Aluminium head size: 26cm, Dia.5cm
  • Thickness: 0.9mm
  • Net weight: 630g


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