Universal Laptop Charger Dc Car Adapter For Compaq 80W


Universal Laptop Charger Dc Car Adapter For Compaq 80W

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The Auto DC power regulated adapter is designed to power many popular laptop computers which require a DC input from 15V to 24V while you travel in your motor vehicle. It has been manufactured with very high standards making it a safe, reliable and long-lasting source of power for your laptop. With the universal car charger, being on the go with your laptop will be a whole lot easier.

Features include:

Stabilized output, low ripples/interference
High efficiency/Low energy consumption

Stick with a quality laptop DC charger for a safe and reliable source of power for your laptop whilst on the move. The adapter features overload and short circuit protection to protect from any damage and more importantly, to avoid any damage to your laptop.


LED Voltage Display
Adjustable output voltage with AC and DC input Cable.
8 interchangeable tips Suit for most brand laptops
Input Voltage: DC 11 – 14 V, Input Current: 15A Max
Output voltage: DC15 – 24V
Output Current: 15v 16v 18v 19v 20v 3.5A, 22v, 24v 3.3A
Power: 80 Watts
Approvals: CE and ROHS
Overload protection
Short Circuit Protection

Connector Size(mm):

A:6.3*3.0, B:6.5*4.4, C:5.5*2.5, D:5.5*2.1, E:5.5*1.7, F:5.5*3.0, G:4.8*1.7, H:4.0*1.7

Additional information

Compatible Brand




Max. Output Power

80 W

Compatible Product Line


Output Voltage (s)

15 V


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